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44 The Wire

Every month we play a musician a series of records which they 're asked to identify and comment on - with no prior knowledge of what they're about to hear. This month it's the turn of...


One of the most wil fully independent figures in British music in the last 20 years, The Fa ll's Mark E Smith remains an outsider and maverick. He formed the group in Manchester in 1977 while he was working at Salford Docks as a customs clerk. First heard making a contribution to the 10" compilation album Short Circuit. Live At The Electric Circus, the group has gone on to release an album a year ever since, as well as taking part in numerous side projects such as providing music for the dancer Michael Clark. Fall cover versions testify to Smith's broad music tastes, ranging from 60s garage punk to 70s disco hits, and on the new album, Cerebral Caustic (Permanent), a version of Frank lappa's "I'm Not Satisfied". Smith is both The Fall's one constant presence and its charismatic focus, delivering his pitiless lyrical chronicles with a withering sneer. The group currently also contains two drummers, plus bass player Steve Hanley, who first joined the group 16 years ago, and Smith's American wife, guitarist Brix, with whom he has reunited after several years of estrangement The jukebox took place in the central Manchester offices of The Fall's Cog Sinister label.

CAPTAINBEEFHEART& lt's Johnny Burnette. HIS MAGIC BAND Johnny Burnette. Fucking great He "nirror nan" from nirror nan wrote "Jingle Bell Rock" which we were (castle Communications) going to do on The Word at Christmas, [Almost immediately] Captain funnily enough. Johnny Burnette's Beefheart... and on guitar. great This is recorded on one mic; you lt's some kind of out-take, Ithink. can tell. Guys li ke Johnny Burnette, they it's "Mirror Man". The Captain used to thought that Buddy Holly and El vis lock [The Magic Band] in a room until Presley were sell-outs. That's the they got it right The drums follow the mentality they're coming from. guitar parts instead of the bass part like Singing songs about the pleasures of usual rock. I li ke Captain Beefheart. I got drinking wine all day was outlaw activity Strictly Personal because it was a budget in 1956. LP. When you're poor and taking acid, For sure. Speed freaks. I love rockabil ly. Strictly Personal is the one. There was The ones I've got are just one-oils, no alternative in those days, and it was compilations. I got one for my birthday, 99 pence I like all his stuff before he all the classic trucker songs it's got went to Virgin; all the 65, 66 stuff is "White Line Fever" on it, and "Caffeine, really outrageous, and a lot more jazzy. Nicotine And Benzedrine" is one of the Trout Mask Replica is a bril liant LP. tracks. I always buy that stuff when I'm What appeals to you about it? touring America. We always go to the it's like nothing on earth. it's free-form truck stops because you can get the but with discipline There's a method best food there, and the tapes they sell behind i t The Magic Band worked hard; are amazing you could tell that And The Mothers Of This sort of sound is still alive there? Invention did too; I used to think they You won 't get any Suede cassettes in were better than Frank Zappa actually. those joints, no.


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"Drinking Wine Spo-De-0-Dee" "Helpless" from Various Artists: from Rockabilly Boogie (Bear The Bridge (caroline) Family Records) Nick Cave or Bono or someone? I've got this by The Pirates. .. What is it? Nick Cave. lt's a Neil Young song.

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