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. ~.- 'BSfUe your monthly exploration of new music

8 Global Ear: Malibu

By the Pacific Coast Highway, The Cortical Foundation excavate 30 years of Minimalist droneworks

14 Bites

Workshop Cologne dream syndicate Noel Akchote Rectangular rockist id battery/in between noise lower case musos Label lore: l What Next?

18 Return of the DJ

From New York to Montreal, HipHop DJs are turn ing the tables on scratchadelic funk, redefining the world of backspins, transforming, flares and crabs. Peter Shapiro meets the new demons of the decks

26 Nurse With Wound

For two decades, Steven Stapleton's music has been shrouded in mystery, describing a twilight zone hybrid of Gothic horror and surrealist subversion. David Keenan meets a legend of underground music

32 ARRahman

Feted by nigh on everyone from the Dalai Lama to Talvi n Singh, this Boll ywood composer is now recording music designed to bring about subcontinental spiritual unity. By lain Scott

36 Pierre Henry

From his custom-built Paris studio, the 70 year old pioneer of musique concrete tells Rahma Khazam how he created the building blocks that form the cornerstones of today's electronic music edif1ce

42 John Russell

A pivotal figure in the UK's avant-jazz community, this London guitarist, club- runner and label owner instructs Ben Watson in the joys of living life on the edge

44 As One

A quiet presence on the global electronic network, Kirk Degiorgio's music puts the funk back into Tec.hno's corroded circuits. By Tony Herrington

48 The Electric Cinema

Philip Brophy splices together the synthesized soundtracks of Waiter Carlos, Tangerine Dream, John Carpenter, Howard Shore and Vangelis

50 Invisible Jukebox: Ivor Cutler

Everyone's fa vourite septuagenarian Scottish poet tries to identify tracks by Thelonious Monk, The Beatles, John Cage, Alien Ginsberg and more. Interview by Mike Barnes

• -re111ews 54 Soundcheck June's selected albums, including new releases from Natacha Atlas, Boymerang, Alice and John Coltrane, Dimitri From Paris, John Fahey, Ground Zero, Khaled, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Kronos, Jungle Brothers, King Crimson, Mandrill, Merzbow, Augustus Pablo, Praxis, Royal Trux, Oskar Sala, To Rococo Rot, Cristian Vogel and more 74 Multimedia Enter the wired world of interactive audio 76 Print Run New music books Greil Marcus on Bob Dylan's Basement Tapes; the abstraction of cybernetic music; Joe Harriott's free jau

5 Editorial 6 Letters 12 Soundings June's selected live events, festivals, happenings and club spaces 53 Charts 73 Freefall Sleevenotes 'R' Us 80 Back Issues 81 Subscribe FREE Invisible Soundtracks CD 82 David Toop checks into the hotel from hell

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