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- ~J. fBSfUe your monthly exploration of new music

10 Global Ear: Utrecht

Rahma Khazam plays catcher in the rhizome at the lmpakt Festival's multimedia jamboree

12 Bites

Peter Kraut Electra jazz dissident Matmos Microcosmic explorers Altered States Onental shock rock Aphrodite Dancehall dealings Label lore: Via Satellite

16 Origin Unknown

From their base at the fnnges of the c1ty, Andy Cand Ant Miles are transmitting body- rock1ng communiques to the breakbeat nation. By Rob Young

18 Juan Atkins

With his Cybertron and Model 500 releases, the Godfather of Detroit Techno launched a new stra in of black sc1ence fiction that blasted the funk into deep space. By Mike Shallcross

24 The Alan Douglas Story

From Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis and Eric Dolphy, to Timothy Leary, Lenny Bruce and The Last Poets, th is NYC record boss has brokered some of the most influential recordings of the century. By Edwin Pouncey

32 Mark 45 King

Peter Shapiro meets the pioneerin g New Jersey H1pHop producer whose Wild Pitch and Tuft City recordings laid the foundation for today's abstract beat science

36 Trilok Gurtu

The Indian percussionist's Fourth World fusions have taken him so far around the globe that they've final ly brought him back to his subcontinental origins. By Paul Stump

40 Invisible Jukebox: Adrian Sherwood

The On-U Sound supremo tnes to Identify tracks by Lee Perry, Scientist, Treacherous Three, Flying Lizards, Derek Bailey and more. Tested by Ben Watson

44 Violent Silences

Philip Brophy fol lows the way of the dragon to investiga te sound design in the non-stop act1on movies of Hong Kong and Japan

46 Kenny Wheeler

You can't beat a good sad song, says the veteran trumpeter of Ambient world jazz W1ll Montgomery meets a musician whose melancholy playing masks a rock-hard resolve

48 The Primer: John Cage

Indeterminacy for beginners and other chance operations, charted by LoUise Gray

- rev1ews53SoundcheckJuly'sselectedalbums, Including new releases from As One, Boomng On Pluto, Broadcast, John Cale, Keiji Haino, John & Yoko, News From Babel, David Thomas, Edgard Varese, Jah Wobble, Wu Tang Clan and more 66 Multimedia The Poool eye mus1c for the post-MTV generation 68 Print Run New music books: A patchbay history of electronic sound; Frank lappa meets the press; fanzines a go-go

5 Editorial 6 Soundings July's selected live events, festivals, happenings and club spaces 8 Letters 52 Charts 65 Freefall Fantasy football songs 72 Back Issues 73 Subscribe FREEEastWesterdsm CD 74 Brian Eno Our guest column1st beams in from St Petersburg

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