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inside your monthly exploration of new music

10 Global Ear: Australia

Robin Rimbaud scans the sonic recesses of some Antipodean cities

14 Bites

Cujo 31 st century schizoid beats Kaffe Matthews Virtual -viol in virtuoso Ellery Eskelin Jump-cut jazz head Rude Mechanic Multimedia machinations Label lore: Pork Recordings

16 Jon Tye/Lo Recordings

From an East End studio, one half of the Ambient duo MLO is providing a meeting point for some of the global electronic network's most disaffected citizens. Story by Matt ffyche

18 Eric Drew

How an American teenage guitarist got to play with his hero Captain Beefheart, and went on to collaborate with Pere Ubu, The Residents, Frank Black and PJ Harvey Interview by Mike Barnes

22 Chris Meloche

He's an urban mythologist, an electronic imagineer, and an acoustic ecologist Plus, he hosts the Canadian radio equivalent of Mixing it. Profile by Rob Young

24 The Illbient Alliance

In the New York pressure cooker, artists like Bill Laswell, Byzar, Ol ive, the Wordsound collecti ve, Badawi, Soundlab and others are practising bass-driven drum 'n' dub alchemy. Story by Peter Shapiro

32 Jeru The Damaja

Sidestepping the ultraviolence, misogyny and corporate deals of the rap mainstream, this Brooklyn avenger is on a supernatural quest to recover the soul of real HipHop Interview by Jake Barnes

36 Charlemagne Palestine

Cognac, clove cigarettes, stuffed toy animals, bleeding fingers and bell-ringing - just some of the unlikely components in the amazing music of this Minima list eccentric Story by Edwin Pouncey

40 The Primer: Karlheinz Stockhausen

In the first of an occasional series, we present a guide to the must-have recordings of names we like to drop a lot This month: Barry Witherden tackles the avant garde Tonmeister

44 The Sound of Celluloid

While experimental musicians continue to be inspired by the sound of films like Eraserhead, the ·Hollywood studios are providing the last refuge for musical philistines. Paul Schutze dishes the dirt on a deaf industry

46 Invisible Jukebox: James Chance

The No Wave splatter-saxophonist contorts himself as Ben Watson plays him James Brown, John Coltrane, Johnny 'Guitar' Watson, The Cramps, Derek Bailey, Ornette Coleman and more

- re111ews49SoundcheckDecember'sselected albums, including new re leases from the AACM, Amon Duul, Bjbrk, Dr Octagon, Galaxie 500, Philip Glass, Hilliard Ensemble, Macro Dub Infection 2, Sun Ra, Swans, Weather Report and more 66 Multimedia Music on the buses and in the ether 68 Print Run New music books Frank Zappa in triplicate; the jazz consumer's bible; a modern classical introduction

4 Editorial 6 Soundings December's selected live events and club spaces 8 Letters 48 Charts 72 Back Issues 73 Subscribe FREE Emt COs 74 David Toop The American soundscape

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