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• "fJ. I RSIUe your monthly e xploration of new music

4 Virgin Sampler

A guide to all the tracks featured on this month's free cover CD

12 GlobalEar: Tokyo

At the foo t of Mount Fuji, Japanese Electronica comes out of the shadows

16 Bites

Lamb Folk songs for digital denizens Scenic Designs on post- rock

18 Einstiirzende Neubauten

15 years ago, this German wrecking crew forged a devastating strain of urban blues from the debris of the city Now Blixa Bargeld is singing songs of love and devotion. By Chris Sharp

22 Cristian Vogel

Peter Shapiro hears how this ex-pat Chilean composer washed up in Brighton to carve new, organic designs into the rigid structures of 90s electronic music

24 William Parker

Once an anonymous footnote in the story of New York free jazz, th is low end theorist is on a quest to create the ultimate univeral music By Steve Holtje

26 A Guy Called Gerald

Holed up in a West London studio, surrounded by his infernal sound machines, Gerald Simpson reveals the secrets of black technology, ancient to the future. By Peter Shapiro

32 David Thomas

The story of how the ex-Pere Ubu frontman picked up an electric accordion, plugged into the co llective unconscious, and created 2 1st century folksong. By Rob Young

34 Throbbing Gristle's Prostitution

Twenty years ago this month, a bunch of degenerate performance artists invaded London's ICA and created a moral panic Simon Ford reca ll s a defining moment for Industrial culture

40 Invisible Jukebox: Henry Rollins

Steve Holtje listens as the hard man of fringe rock takes apart Mi les Davis, Funkadelic, Eins!Urzende Neubauten, Joe Henderson, Sun Ra and more

44 Russell Mills

The Edge, Kevin Shields, Bill Laswell, Eno, David Sylvian, Michael Brook, Robin Guthrie - just some of the mates helping out on this graphic designer's audio odyssey. By Louise Gray

46 Jim O'Rourke meets John Fahey

In the red corner the Chicago guitar whizzkid who has worked with Faust, Gastr Del Sol, Oval and more. In the blue corner Mr Blind Joe Death, the mystery man of spooked-blues folklore

- rev1ews53SoundcheckOctober'sselected albums and 12"s, including new re leases from Harold Budd, John Cale, Future Sound Of London , DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo, Bill Laswell. Moonshake, Palm Skin Productions, This Heat. T Power, Tricky and more 74 Print Run New music books: The Factory story; Rollins's rants; an Ambient history (in Spanish! ) 76 Multimedia CD-ROMs; Websites, wired delights

6 Editorial 8 Letters 14 Soundings October's se lected live events, club spaces, music on radio 52 Charts 80 Back Issues 81 Subscribe 82 David Toop Music critics critiqued

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