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L = , . This month'sfree CD comes courtesy of Virgin Records*. 10tracks drawn ; from the cutting edge of the Virgm roster -60 minutes of new Electronica, - ; . drum 'n'bass, Ambient exotica, abstract HipHop and is your gude to the artists who made it happen d .

Future Sound Of London

Photek - -,from The Hidden Camera EP (Virginhence) An early protegeof Goldie's Metalheadz conglomerate, Rupert Parkes has forged a highly individual path through the emerging patternsof drum 'n' bass with his exhilarating rhythmic sensibility and prolific output (he also releases tracks under other pseudonyms including Studio Pressure and Origination). From his base in St Albans, he has releasedover ten records on his selffinanced Photek label, includingthe classic "Water MargidFusion" and "Rings Around Saturn" 12"s. The Hnlden Camera was the first product of Parkes's fivealbum deal with Virgin's new Science imprint, and "KJZ", in case you're wondering, stands for "Kirk's Jazz"


Future Sound Of London -Glass mm Dead Cities (Virgin) A taster for the third full-length album by Electronica pioneers Garry Cobain and Brian Dougans, aka FSOL. Dead Cities finds the enigmatic duo flexing their rhythmic and textural muscles further, enriched by their experiments in hyperspatial ISDN musicaltelecasts and collaborative work with the likes of Robert Fripp, Lii Fraser, Talvin Singh and a string of remixes

One Inch Punch


-Metaphysics from Tao Of The One lnch Punch ( W r g ~ m ) A fresh recording project from H~pHop'sJuan Warfleld and h~slong-t~mecollaborator G~annlGarofalo, One lnch Punch scratchestogether energised beats and psychedel~cguitar rock In a spontaneousconflagratron It also forms part of a larger ongoing multlrnedla package the duo wrlte and dlrect thelr own vldeos and short fllms

Baader -There'sGor remkedfrom Baadel


Named after the ~nfa

German urban terrorrsts, Baader ME new Electro outflt assembled by ex-slnl Auteurs, Luke Halnes. Thelr self-tltled LP, rt elements of d~sposat ectronrcSeptember,handclapsb/ an htsch funk As The Aureu I wlth the~r1994 /'m A Cowboy LP, Halnes -_ urned thls ver "Acc~dent"over to M~keParadlnas ( a k a y a t f o f a t complete digital makeover


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SourceDirect -Approach And Idenw k r

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Prol~f~cdrum 'n' bass duo Jlm and Phll (no last names here) have also recorded as Sounds Of Llfe, X Files, , I Obllvlon and Odysee, and have glven tracks to , .L4

Metalheadz offshoot Razor's Edge, LTJ Bukemm.s Good ' :! Looklng, and MO'Wax's second Heodz comp~latlon 1

Near neighbours of Photek n St Albans, they are the 7

second signing to Vlrgln's Science rmprlnt



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