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.. only capable of workrng at three

Hypenum and Submission labels potential llstener (at least, the seasoned speclala(ngIn medieval, Renaissance speeds -very fast, very slow and dead Also on a smaller scale a lrrywlse Fall I~stener)with some concept of what and Bar4que music are adopting halt, Ash Ra Tempel and Popul Vuh magazine, whlch runsJara D l x s 14 the album sounds l ~keand what their pseudo- roup names whlch are not t '.'- .t i'

were only dolng vastly slowed down ~sweseach wlth a 40 minute tape of reaction to tt might be very Interesting, never mlnd dodgy verslons of Ravel's &em; Guru Guru featured artlsts Releases have Included But I enjoy readlngyour magazlne at Do you @Inkwe should offer these . , :-

were the German equivalent of Sky, Musl~mgauze,Konstrukttvlsts, and they a news stand (Ys too overpr~cedto buy people spme suggestions for and Tangerine Dream. well, they also published the Whitehouse book $011 regularly) and occasionally purchasing lt sharpenlpgthelr Image a b1t7Llke, for were just Tangerme Dream

GangStrung when I see someone Importantto me lnstance

Oh, it'll pass These are just fleetlng NO, Idon't work for e~therlBut I do mterv~ewed,le G~lbertor Eno Your Tallls Th ugh The Lwklng Glass thoughts. Most of the tlme I'm as feel some of your readers may be happy as everyone else to kneel down interested magazine has a nice layout and feel to Croftwer

~t- I wlsh that you would use your Byrdshtt ' , l ;

.a m reverence before the godllke genlus PNIWaH WK7al of the aforement~onedgroups I was buylng and lovlng this stuff when ~tflrst Coolingthe critics

! position to explore modern muslc more Blowlob t

/ thoroughly as opposed to just provldlng Blondel (bocals by Klng Harry) '

pseudo-~ntellectualswlth a forum In Minstreltension ,,

came out -somewhat herdlshly I've whlch to pursue the~rel~t~stconceptions Viol Bod~bs got the orlglnal posters that came wlth Some comments on your magazlne I fs of muslc. We need more cataloguing Vlrglnalswff ' *

*- .z

' ) ' , .


: 1 ' -4

I "I

$ i

, $ ,>

. " p l


l r C

. %'

- I - 4

Faust's So Far framed and stuck on the cool, and I appreciate the lntervlews and facllltatron of dlstrlbubon, and less Racketbusters walls here at home, and I cons~derthe wlth people whom I cons~derto be cr~trc~sm,nmy oplnlon Electr~cq t e Orchestra few dozen orlglnal LPs from all these Important figures In modern music, kott


Madr~gal~MysteryTour (I supect thls has lovely people to be among my most such as Bruce Gllbert and Brlan Eno Y,m3k'&?mCm + : been do e before, but l shll llke tt) ,, 9 v . \ Q

preclous possessions It's just that when The artlcle on L k n Therem~nand the

I slt here and have wonderful new stuff dawn of electronic muslc (The Wire Motet madness '

Pubic Ares I

Bum Trope


from the l~kesof Plast~kman,Mouse On 139) was excellent. But you need to

~avanardma r

, A I

Mars, Autchre, Colt, Nurse Wlth Wound, expand your magazlne There's not I llked the llst of Dodgy Group Names l


, ,

. . X f

, I

L:' l

,: .?L j bd

Maln et a1 boomlng away I wonder why enough In ~tA lot of what a there a just In The Wire 141 A lot of ensembles everything always has to be referenced back to Germany, 1972. Or maybe this is just the typical sad whinge of an old fan finding a load of newcomers trampling over once remote and beautiful and secret landscapes. L y l n e C D o y k r n r e

Further editions

Re: the relationshipbetween The Wire and The Wire Editions. MUSICFrom The Empty@arter has been a fully functioning shoplmagazine for four years and a bona fide label for 18 months. They have released electronic material from Vanishing Heat, Solar EnemyIPortionControVLagowski, as well as an excellent compilationwlth Lycia, ControlledBleeding, etc and accompanying book Recent releases have had free CDs featuring the ~ *

second-hand opinion (ie "Is Frank Zappa any good?") and criticism, which in many cases is quite peculiar to the reviewer and of little interest to the rest of us. We need more conversationwith the artists involved. And to the extent that your magazine presents opinion and diatribe, I think that you need to foster dialogue ~nthe pieces rather than just presenting one individual's opinion. Your reviews section seems to be of use primarily to inform readersof what has come out and idwill be available I can't imaglne that anyone takes such over-~ntellectual~sedreviews ser~ouslyI belleve that, as wlth the muslc of Can and Mlles Davls, it's groove that counts (not whether a plece's structure flts Into some wnter's personally cultrvated theones) By contrast, Tom R~dge's review of the latest Fall album (The Wire 139) was qutte good -It presents the ,


' . X

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