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ut over the course of the weekend, Achim reveals some unexpected sides

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a dry sense of humour, a soft spot for plastic pop (he owns CDs by inogue)and an awesometalent for pis-artistry. a mystery ailment, he spends most of Saturday sipping homeopathic and complaining that&s too ill to fouse DJ and Force Iwartist Gene l he decides he's just about up to it.

undertake a planned excursion to see Farris spin at a club In nearby Melnz. At For the first five hours, Ach~m'ssplrlts low, desp~tean alcohol intake rate of three beers to my one But by 6am and tlumber 12, Achim a flaillng on the dancefloor, enraptured by Farns's trlppy set.

minutes, he accosts someone to blearlly proclaim 'Gene Farr~sa the best mwmDJinthe wrld.I don't care, I will tell anyone -;,Josh Wnk, Laurent Garnier -

to their face: Farris is the best."

ow aged 35, Szepanski got involved in student politics in the radral, post-l 968 cl~mateof the m~d-70s He read Marx, flirted wlth Maoism, protested about condlt~onsIn the German prlson system Later m the decade he Immersed h~mselfIn the post-punk experlmentallst scene alongs~dethe l~kesof DAF, playlng In the lndustrlalgroup P16D4 In the 80s he went back to college, watched the Left d ~ eand got very depressed, consoltng hlmself wlth alcohol and the mlsanthrop~cph~losophyof

Two late 80s breakthroughs pulled h ~ mout of ttle mire h~sencounter wlth the postructurallst thought of Foucault, Lyotard, ~ e r r 1 4 ,et al, and his excitement about lpHop and House Whlle stlll worklng on a doctqtate about Foucault, he started the f&d the Blackout label. By the Guattari's A Thousand Plateaus: cault hailed as "an introduction

S revelatory and galvanising Deleuze and Guattarfs

't have to be negative or sad ~fyou want to be s t r uewM Jhe Frankfurt School and Marxlsm

28 The Wlre

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