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your monthly exploration o fnew music

8 Bites

Photek aquasonic breakbeat science Palace lowdown 'n' d~rtyCountry primitives Carl Stone rock hard sampladelia l4 Rhys Chatham

This New York composer used to write screaming eleciic symphoniesfor 100guitars. Now he records distorted avant funk for Coldcut's label. By Clive Bell

16 JakiLiebezeit

The alternative funky drummer, generator of the marathon lock grooves that fired Can's mantra-rock, is back wlth a new, trance-expanding project: Club Of Chaos. By Rob Young

18 Coldcut and the blunted generation

Meet the stoned scientists of downtempofunk: Coldcut, Funk Porcin~,The Herbaliser, Red Snapper, Clatterbox, Dr Rockit, Fila Brazillia, and more. By Peter Shapiro and Rachael Philipps

24 Global Ear: Pakistan

David Toop drifts through the sub-continental sonic debris, and meets the giant of devotional trance music, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Ronald ShannonJackson Fromjukejoint-rebellion to future-present freeform psychedqlia, Ben Watson gets a history lesson in Great Black Music with The DecodingSociety's chlef cypher

32 Negativland

High in the ether above Northern California, these plunderphonic pranksters are buildinga surreal world from the raw material of mainstream radio. By Phil England

34 Hypersymposium

Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, Scanner, Howie B, DJ Spooky and David Toop attempt t o answer the $64,000question: what will music sound like in the future?

- D Invisible Jukebox:Philip Glass

Mlke Barnes plays Aphex Tw~n,Ravi Shankar, Steve Re~ch,Velvet Undeground, Davld Bowie and more to the m~nlmal~stmaestro

45 Soundcheck May's selected albums, lnclud~ngnew releasesfrom John Adams, Beastie Boys, Alex Ch~lton,Cluster, Roger Eno, Flying Lizards, Flynn &Flora, Herbie Hancock, Peter Hammill, Jed~Kn~ghts,Bill Laswell, John Lurle, Orbltal, Evan Parker, Genesis P-Orr~dge,Ravi Shankar, Mark Stewart, Transglobal Underground,Trlcky, Tom Verlalne and more. . 10 Print Run New music books.critical biogs of Joh Coltrane and Conlon Nancarrow 13 Multimedia Hyper-on CD-ROM experiences

5 Letters 12 SoundingsMay's selected live events, happen~ngs,club spaces, music on radio 51 44 Charts 12 Back Issues 14 David Toop More nomad~cwander~ngsthrough modern muslc

The W~re3

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