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These charming illustrated people cushions from kstudio are available in organic cotton, hemp and felt

in a range of shades and stitch colours. The four year old eco-friendly company was founded by

mother and daughter Shelly and Mary Klein. Artist Shelly uses imagery from her paintings in her

stitch designs and Mary handles the business and manufacturing details. Working together from a

studio attached to Shelly’s house, they make the perfect team.



andinspir edby the woodlandsofhisbirthplaceinJapan.DaiwaFoundation,

Hut up! No, it’s not a mispelt rebuke but Christine Birkle’s fabulous felt emporium. The contemporary, handcrafted accessories, playful figures and animals are traditionally shaped from raw wool and make adorable Easter gifts. Available from object catalogue

Memory and touch It is said that 'to touch is also to be touched'. In a world where we seek to control and intellectualise our surroundings, textural experience is subjugated and often lost. In response to this, the distinguished Japanese designer, Kenya Hara developed the concept of haptic design. To coincide with the opening of his ground-breaking exhibition at RIBA in May, University College for the Creative Arts have organised a conference, ‘Memory and Touch’, which will explore the symbolic, cultural, social and technical aspects of textural intelligence and sensory communication.

Memory and Touch: an exploration of textural communication,

Royal Institute of British Architects, Portland Place, London W1,

7 May 10-5, to book contact Lesley Millar T: 01372 202450,

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