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4 Bim Sherman's Miracle

Rob Young visits the On-U Sound label to hear about the music on this month's free cover CD

12 Globar Ear: Barcelona

Tracking the currents of digitised sound at Spain's expansive Sonar festival

16 Bites

The Black Dog A Techno-hermit comes up for air James Plotkin Drone-guitarist with soul Soma Ambient Antipodeans

18 Basic Channel

Electronic music's most mysterious label takes Biba Kopf on a journey through the circuits connecting Berlin and Detroit Techno

21 .O.rang

Holed up in their rural studio, the ex-Talk Talk duo take quantum leaps in sound and come up with some novel ideas concerning electricity pylons By Matt ffytche

22 Fred Anderson

From behind the bar of Chicago's Velvet Lounge, the fugitive saxophonist blows new life into the roots of astro jazz By John Corbett

24 Omni Trio

From post-punk avant funk through Industrial soundscapes to New York minimal ism and breakbeat science, Rob Haigh's musical path has been a convoluted one. By Peter Shapiro

26 Lee Ranaldo's Jajouka journal

Following in the footsteps of Brian Jones, Ornette Coleman and William Burroughs, the Sonic Youth guitarist enters the volati le realms of North African trance music

32 Behind The Wire: ISO objects of desire

To celebrate our 150th issue, we offer up an alternative canon of sonic essentials and aural obscurities, an A-Z of all the weird and wonderful music that lies behind The Wire

38 James Dillon

A Glaswegian counterculture drop-out with a taste for Jimi Hendrix and class-A drugs. Not your average classical music composer. By Ben Watson

40 Invisible Jukebox: Barry Adamson

Mike Barnes gabs about A Certian Ratio, Henry Mancini, The Beach Boys, Massive Attack, Herbie Hancock, Squarepusher and more with the Mute composer

• reVIews45SoundcheckAugust'sselected albums, including new releases from Beck, Sheila Chandra, Alec Empire, The Fall, Faust, Gastr Del Sol, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, King Crimson, Fela Kuti, Pete Namlook, The Orb, Vernon Reid, Unknown Public, Andrew Weatherall and more 68 Print Run New music books: The Beach Boys, John Cage, Miles Davis 70 Multimedia Sabotage's Techno-pranks


6 Editorial 8 Letters 14 Soundings August's selected live events, happenings, club spaces, music on 20 Subscribe 44 Charts 71 Back Issues 74 David Toop Some soul singers' secrets

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