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Vignette # 1

Th~sstatement, delivered deadpan but dlsconcertlng enough in Itself, perhaps, IS the

Yis clothes are near-as-dammlt immaculate: pale green postscript to a strange and perplexing tale whlch Mark relates In tones that veer

-ousers with plumb-line creases; a whlte dress sh~rt;black between morbid glee and utter bewilderment Oxford shoes But he holds a large white plastic carrier bag, "I've got a funny story to tell you," he beglns, "about the song "Powder Keg" on grubby and bulging wlth Items of unknown provenance. It IS the last LP [The Light User Syndrome]. I t was about the Manchester bombing and mld-afternoon, yet he appears drunk And on the back of his all that. The Sun kept rlnglng me up golng, 'lt's really werrd t h ~ ssong of yours: prlstine blackjacket there is pinned a dry-clean~ngt~cket. "Manchester's apowderkeg"' It's typical Sun stuff; they don't get off the bleeding hone. I'm going, 'Well, it's a song I wrote.' And they go, 'Well, ~ t ' sfunny that a - -

"It's 11ke1drunk myself sober// get better as Iget older" - "SpectreVs Rector", 1979 bomb In Manchester went off last week and you actually said Manchester IS a powder keg How d ~ dyou know about 1t7' It's 10 o'clock In the morning 'And

"His constant love-battle with h ~ sgobhn-muse always leaves him stronger" also you wrote this song about Terry Waite years ago ' And I 'm golng, 'Yeah, -Mark Sinker, The Wlre, August 1986 you know' And I dldn't reallse th~s,but they started lnslnuatlng that I had Inside lnformatlon 'It's funny that you knew about Terry Waite's kldnapplng, In thls

Mark E Smith's face IS a chunk of elephant hlde which pefiod~cally song "Terry Walte Sez" In 1986, and then you wrote this song called "Powder contorts Into impressions of temperance, h~larlty,contempt, grave Keg" about the Manchester bomblng ' And I'm th~nklngthat I 'm talklng to conternplatlon Its owner slouches Into the red plastlc bench seat that people lhke you, but I'm talk~ngto some sllme, you know And I'm go1 runs around the perlrneter of th~spart~cularcorner -a regular corner, yeah, I don't know why it happened, maybe I'm prophetic, you know, apparently - of t h ~ sparticular pub In Cheetham HIII, North was a psychlc when I was a teenager' They say, 'So you were psyc Manchester, leans forward In anticipation of further conversation, examlnes agaln the Terry Walte, now y o u ' r e psychlc ab o u t t h e two sheets of A 4 paper which I handed to him half an hour ago, lets a cigarette burn Manchester bomb ' down ~nan ashtray, lights another, looks me ~nthe eye I

"I used to be psychr," he says "But I drank my way out of i t "

for 2 &is,bizar

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