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The Wire Tapper 32 Your track by track guide to this month’s free CD

with artists from other disciplines. His music has variously been described in the press as “brash”, “isolationist” and “étonnante”.

miniature self-strumming guitar and processed electromagnetic interference from fluorescent lights.

5Claudio Chianura “Daniel And Me At Captain Kidd’s” From Electric Monkey (Auditorium Edizioni Milano) Claudio Chianura lives and works in Milan, where he studied electronic music. In 1988 he won first prize in the Luigi Russolo Electronic Music Competition. To date he has released six albums on Auditorium, Materiali Sonori and Medium. He has also produced several records of experimental music and edited papers on John Cage, Laurie Anderson, Tom Waits, Erik Satie and others.

8THE GAGMEN “Live In New York City” (excerpt) From Live In New York City 7" EP (Hanson Records/ iDEAL Recordings) THE GAGMEN are Nate Young (Wolf Eyes, Regression), Aaron Dilloway and Joachim Nordwall (The Skull Defekts).

1Sparkle in Grey “Song For Arch Stanton” (Wire Tapper edit) From Thursday Evening (Grey Sparkle) Formed in 2005, Sparkle in Grey’s instrumentation includes violin, bass, laptop, guitar, bagpipes, piano, polyrhythmic drums, melodica, field recordings, harsh noises and a bicycle. They cross many styles, from Industrial to electronic to Ukrainian traditional folk music to post-combat rock. Their latest record, Thursday Evening, is an ItalianSwiss production, recorded by Andrea Serrapiglio (better known as a cellist for Carla Bozulich, Scott McCloud and Zu 93). Themed around riots and resistance against oppression and injustice, each copy of the album comes with a pebble. Listeners who suggest a use for it will be given a secret personal song by the group.

3Mary Ellen Childs “Spirit Duet” From Wreck (Innova Recordings) Composer Mary Ellen Childs is well known for the visual percussion pieces she creates for her group CRASH, in which she incorporates the performers’ physical movements. She has received commissions from Kronos Quartet, St Paul Chamber Orchestra, The Kitchen, the Walker Art Center, Other Minds, Chamber Music America and Opera America among others. She was named a United States Friends Fellow in 2011 for her innovation and influence. “Spirit Duet” is a remix by DJ James Patrick of a composition for bells.

6F/LOR“TheHunt”FromBlackflakes (Prohibited) In the 1990s F/LOR was one of the founders of the Prohibited label, producing albums by Dirty Three, Yann Tiersen and Shannon Wright. Here, the inventive bass player and electronics handyman for the group NLF3 releases his first solo album, inspired by pioneers of repetitive music such as Steve Reich, Brian Eno and Alice Coltrane. Focusing on textural detail and found sounds, Blackflakes refers to “tirelessly superimposed layers of mystery”, he says, “probably about the order of things out of sight, listening to the loss of thousands of black flakes…”

9Ritornell“TheMorning Factory” From Aquarium Eyes (Karaoke Kalk) Austrian duo Ritornell (Richard Eigner and Roman Gerold) swallow real instruments in electronic treatments and effects. On Aquarium Eyes they tackle songwriting with vocalists Mimu and Didi Bruckmayer, as well as manipulating music boxes, kalimbas and vibraphones. Eigner has played drums with Flying Lotus, Patrick Wolf and Dimlite; and the duo have collaborated with writers Elfriede Jelinek and Bodo Hell, and experimental film maker Robert Seidel, among others.

2Romvelope“Hodmandod”FromCatomountain (Adaadat) Norwegian-Scottish experimentalist Bjørn Hatleskog’s work as Romvelope is somewhere between sound sculpture and electroacoustic music. All sounds are generated from a collection of homemade, semi-autonomous instruments. “Hodmandod” incorporates a robotically manipulated electric reed organ, a

4On Dog “Poplen”FromPartI – Sloeblack (ILK) On Dog is a pan-European fusion of two jazz/Improv groups, Hopscotch and Crisco 3, and is led by Francesco Bigoni (saxophone, clarinet) and Mark Solborg (guitars, Moog). Their music is a study in counterpoint and polyphony, allowing all five members to adapt to throughcomposed work.

4 | The Wire | The Wire Tapper 32

7Mike Vernusky “Becomes Wing Life” (excerpt) From Becomes Wing Life (Quiet Design) Mike Vernusky creates compositions and other sonic interactions that seek deeper states of listening in response to memory, metaphor and spectral space. He works with electroacoustic, acousmatic and audiovisual aesthetics, frequently collaborating

10Greg Haines “The Whole” From Where We Were (Denovali) Greg Haines is an English musician and composer living in Berlin. His 2006 debut Slumber Tides was critically acclaimed worldwide, leading to a track being used on a compilation alongside pieces by Gavin Bryars and Philip Glass. In 2012 he premiered a work with contemporary choreographer David Dawson, The Holland Symfonia and Dutch National Ballet. Where We Were focuses on synthesizers and percussion. Haines will also be scoring a new ballet by David Dawson, to be premiered at London’s Royal Opera House.

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