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i s s u e

2 1 0|

s e p t e m b e r

2 0 1 3

a d mi ti t — w e l o s t

TheDuel: Heathrow vs the rest september 2013 | £4.50

Admit it–we lost Why did the Afghan war go wrong? bronwen maddox

Plus The politics of religion simon schama

Labour—lost in thought? jonathan derbyshire, peter kelner

Trichet: a warning to Carney jay elwes China’s limitless paranoia mark kito My day as a pagan edward docx

Also AC Grayling, Misha Glenny, John Banville, Gisela Stuart, John Kay, Wendell Steavenson, Sam Leith, Jesse Norman, Douglas Carswell, Helen Gao, Simon Jenkins, Clare Short

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