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ospect september 2013

This month 04 If I ruled the world simon schama 08 Recommends 10 Letters

Opinions 12 Trichet: a warning for Mark Carney jay elwes 13 Last chance for Middle East peace tom phillips 14 What Miliband should do clare short 16 We have to raise taxes paul johnson plus stephen collins’s cartoon strip. 18 Letter from Beijing helen gao 18 Does France belong to the English?

ac grayling 20 What if... Putin had never come to power? ben judah

The Prospect duel 22 Expand Heathrow?

simon jenkins vs tom papworth

China: special report 61 China’s road to nowhere?

nick carn 64 How will the slowdown impact us?

paul hilsley

Science 66 When Darwinism fails

What natural selection cannot explain. john tyler bonner

Contents September 2013

Features 24 The case for an inquiry

What went wrong in Afghanistan? bronwen maddox 34 Lost in thought?

Even Labour doesn’t know what its policies are. jonathan derbyshire plus Exclusive polls: it’s bad news, Ed peter kellner 40 Phantom enemies hina is creating its own foes. mark kitto 48 Two cheers for the market

Why capitalism works. john kay 52 Here come the druids

The weird world of Pagan Pride. edward docx 56 Brazil’s militant middle

What was behind the protests? misha glenny



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Arts & books 68 Learning from the masters

Life lessons from Nietzsche and Hobbes. john banville 70 The downfall of money

Hyperinflation and the Nazis. richard j evans 72 In defence of science fiction

Margaret Atwood sees into the future. ruth franklin 74 How to make your own violin

In search of Stradivari vanora bennett 76 Books in brief

Fiction 78 Safa@40

Imran tries internet dating. yasmin hai

Life 80 Leith on life

We’re all wrong about everything. sam leith 80 Life of the mind

Tone down the foxiness. anna blundy 81 Matters of taste

Travelling with your frying pan. wendell steavenson 82 Wine

Does wine need alcohol? barry smith 82 DIY investment

How to fund nursing home care. andy davis

Endgames 84 The generalist didymus 84 Enigmas & puzzles ian stewart 87 The Prospect List Our pick of events. 88 The way we were

Schooldays. ian irvine


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