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Indigo YA Fiction TPB April £8.99 320pp 978 1 78062 165 4 eBook: £8.99 / 978 1 78062 164 7


Mina is dead. Her killer’s running free. And no one will listen to me . . . Nine months. Two weeks. Six days. That’s how long recovering addict Sophie’s been drug-free. Four months ago her best friend, Mina, died in what everyone believes was a drug deal gone wrong – a deal they think Sophie set up. Only Sophie knows the truth. She and Mina shared a secret, but there was no drug deal. Mina was deliberately murdered. Forced into rehab for an addiction she’d already beaten, Sophie’s finally out and on the trail of the killer – but can she track them down before they come for her? Born in a backwoods cabin to a pair of punk rockers, Tess Sharpe grew up in rural Northern California. Following an internship with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, she studied theatre at Southern Oregon University before abandoning the stage for the professional kitchen. She lives, writes and bakes near the Oregon border. Far From You is her debut novel.

Indigo YA Fiction MMP April £7.99 272pp 978 1 78062 208 8 eBook: £7.99 / 978 1 40913 886 0


Perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn, this powerful debut is a coming-of-age novel, a ghost story and a psychological thriller. On the night Kate Cypher arrives home to Vermont, a young girl is murdered, and this horrific crime eerily mirrors another from Kate’s childhood. Three decades earlier, her misfit friend Del was brutally slain. Now, as the new murder investigation draws Kate irresistibly in, her past and present collide in terrifying and unexpected ways. But nothing is quite what it seems – and the grim spectres of her childhood are far from forgotten. Jennifer McMahon has been a house painter, farm worker, paste-up artist, Easter Bunny, pizza delivery person and homeless shelter staff member. She quit her last real job in 2000 to work on writing full time, and Promise Not to Tell, first published by Orion in 2008, was her debut novel. She now lives with her partner and daughter in Barre, Vermont.


Location: Oregon, USA Available for interview @sharpegirl

Indigo Fiction • April 2014


Location: Vermont, USA Available for interview f/JenniferMcMahonBooks @jennifermcmahon