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W&N History HB May £9.99 224pp 978 0 297 87058 6 eBook: £9.99 / 978 0 297 87059 3

In telling 10 tragic (and tragi-comic) tales, Terry Deary sketches a unique map of a misunderstood historical period.

TERRY DEARY Dangerous Days on the Victorian Railways

More of the terrors and torments, diseases and deaths suffered by our ancestors. Victorian railways transformed the map of Britain, the landscapes and the lives of the subjects of the Empress … but at a huge human cost. Countless people died in the building and the running of the railways: they met their deaths in ignominy or infamy, indignity or isolation. The real heroes weren’t rewarded with wealth and wads of cash – some are barely remembered (such as John Cree, who ended up on the wrong end of a steam engine explosion), and some we just remember for the wrong reasons (like the glory-stealing George Stephenson). With Terry Deary’s pitch-black humour and concise retelling of events, the unknown heroes who connected the country are remembered with warmth, and the part they played in our past is described in great – and often gory – detail. Once again, what we think we know about our past is revealed to be a darkly amusing mish-mash of misconceptions, glory-hogging and downright lies. Terry Deary is the author of over 250 books, and has been one of Britain’s bestselling authors since 1994. The Horrible Histories series has sold over 25 million copies in 40 countries. Terry Deary was voted Outstanding Children's Non-Fiction Author of The 20th Century by Books For Keeps magazine.

Non-Fiction/History • May 2014


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