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W&N Biography / History HB July £25.00 592pp 978 0 297 86425 7 eBook: £25.00 / 978 0 297 86426 4

This first major book about Augustus and his legacy for well over a decade is destined to become the definitive work for years to come.

Non-Fiction/History • July 2014

ADRIAN GOLDSWORTHY Augustus The First Emperor of Rome

The story of how Augustus rose from obscurity to become Rome’s first and greatest emperor. In the year 44BC, when Julius Caesar was killed, Augustus was a mere teenager who had been adopted into Caesar’s household. His reaction was to proclaim himself the rightful successor, but the Senate refused to take him seriously. Over the following months he raised his own army and, after famously defeating Mark Antony at Actium, became one of the three most powerful men in Rome. He was not yet twenty years old. This is the story of how one man rose to become the most powerful in the world and stabilised an empire that had been wracked by decades of civil war. Augustus’s achievements, and his legacy, are almost unparalleled. Like Julius Caesar, he presided over a huge expansion in wealth and territory and was honoured by having a month of the year named after him and treated like a god. But unlike Caesar he was able to keep hold of power for over forty years, and bequeath the empire, whole, to his successors. ‘Goldsworthy is one of the new generation of young classicists who combine scholarship with storytelling to bring the ancient world to life’ – Simon Sebag Montefiore Adrian Goldsworthy holds a doctorate from Oxford University. His books, including The Roman Army at War, Caesar, Antony and Cleopatra and The Fall of the West have sold more than a quarter of a million copies and been translated into more than a dozen languages. He regularly contributes to TV documentaries on Roman subjects.


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