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Orion Self Help TPB February £12.99 256pp 978 1 409 14910 1 eBook: £12.99 / 978 1 409 14911 8

DR GUY MEADOWS The Sleep Book How to Sleep Well Every Night

The UK’s leading sleep expert shows how to stop worrying and sleep well every single night. Supported by case studies, background information, exercises, key summaries and client testimonials, and enhanced with illustrations and visual aids, The Sleep Book teaches a revolutionary new method for combatting insomnia. Dr Guy Meadows has discovered that the secret to good sleep lies not in what you do, but what you learn not to do. As the sum of a doctorate degree in sleep and well over 12,000 hours spent working with more than 2,000 insomniacs in one-to-one clinics, workshops and retreat environments, this book provides a highly effective process to help people overcome chronic insomnia for good. Dr Guy Meadows regularly features as a sleep expert on TV and runs The Sleep School in London. He is the consultant on the recent Channel 4 programme, Bedtime Live.

W&N Bridge TPB March £10.99 128pp 978 0 297 86991 7

DAVID BIRD RON KLINGER The Rabbi’s Magic Trick

A brilliant combination of two outstanding names in bridge. Where else would you find an unnervingly plausible account of a Rabbi gambling his holiday money in a high-stake rubber game against three wealthy Arabs? And where might you chance upon a parable such as the Synagogue team facing a team of Catholic priest and nuns (hired professionals!) as part of the St Benedict Commemoration celebrations? As readers of Kosher Bridge and The Rabbi and the Weaker Sex will expect, the humour is sparkling and the bridge brilliant. David Bird is recognized as the world’s leading humorous bridge writer and Ron Klinger is also an international bridge player and author. Master Bridge Series in association with Peter Crawley author:

Location: London Available for Interview @DrGuyMeadows

Non-Fiction/Self help • February 2014


David Bird: Chandlers Ford, Hampshire Ron Klinger: NSW, Australia Available for Interview