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W&N Bridge TPB April £10.99 128pp 978 0 297 86995 5

RON KLINGER Teach Your Child Bridge

From one of the great bridge teachers, here is a book that makes the teaching of bridge fun. There is almost no lowest age at which children can enjoy the pleasures of card play, and this book shows how to ease a child into bridge, teaching familiarity with a pack of cards through a series of easy-to-follow games. You will be doing your child a lifelong favour by opening the door to the world of bridge. Not only does bridge develop memory, judgement, concentration and co-operation, it is a social asset for life. But, most importantly, bridge is fun and can be played anywhere and any time. Ron Klinger is also an international bridge player and author of more than 60 bridge books. Master Bridge Series in association with Peter Crawley

W&N Bridge TPB May £12.95 160pp 978 0 297 86993 1

HUGH KELSEY Sharpen Your Bridge Technique

From the author of the famous worldwide seller, Killing Defence in Bridge, Kelsey shows you how to revolutionize your game. In this intriguing book, and with the help of many brilliant hands to illustrate his points, Hugh Kelsey sets out to show what are the characteristics of the expert mind. By studying the techniques involved, you will be able to develop your skills in card-reading and card sense, mental rehearsal, the application of logic, mental concentration and relaxation, the assessment of probabilities, imaginative defence and when to employ deceptive plays. ‘One writer who has arguably done more than any other to turn players into experts: Hugh Kelsey of Scotland’ – Phillip Alder Hugh Kelsey, the author of over 40 books, had the reputation of being one of the world’s top bridge analysts. Master Bridge Series in association with Peter Crawley author:

Location: NSW, Australia Available for Interview

Non-Fiction/Bridge • March–May 2014