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Gollancz Science Fiction HB/TPB July £20.00/£14.99 400pp 978 0 575 11687 0/ 978 0 575 11688 7 eBook: £14.99 / 978 0 575 11690 0


An awe-inspiring Planetary Romance from the author of Flood and the epic Xeelee sequence. We have colonised Proxima. Now we must discover the secret behind the alien gates that open up the universe to us. And what awaits us in the depths of space and time . . . Stephen Baxter is one of the world’s most respected authors of science fiction and alternate history. His most recent non-fiction book explored the science of Avatar and he was given exclusive access to much of the film’s research and artwork. He’s collaborated with both Arthur C. Clarke and Terry Pratchett and recently penned a Doctor Who novel. He has been published and won major awards around the world, including the BSFA and John W. Campbell Awards.

Gollancz Fantasy HB/TPB July £20.00/£14.99 400pp 978 0 575 13366 2/978 0 575 12332 8 eBook: £14.99 / 978 0 575 12363 2

JOHN HORNOR JACOBS The Incorruptibles

On the edges of the Empire, life is hard – and men must be harder. In the contested and unexplored territories at the edge of the Empire, a boat is making its laborious way upstream. Riding along the banks are the mercenaries hired to protect it – from raiders, bandits and, most of all, the stretchers, elf-like natives who kill any intruders into their territory. The mercenaries know this is dangerous, deadly work. But it is what they do. John Hornor Jacobs is the author of the Bram Stoker Award-shortlisted Southern Gods and a young adult series. He is also a musician and graphic artist.


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Gollancz Science Fiction and Fantasy • July 2014