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RHODA KOENIG is Contributing Editor of Vogue and Literary Editor of New York Magazine. She was immortalised by Geoffrey Wagner, in his book The Novel and the Cinema, as a contra-cultural force in lectures during the 60s.

MAGNUS FRATER has gone to the Cote d'Ivoire in Africa in search of elephants to protect.

PHILIP OAKES is beloved of the editorial department as the only contributor to Literary R eview who has never needed a moment's editing .

LYNNE TRUSS is the female wit of British weekly magazines. For work, she edits the books pages of The Listener.

MERRITT MOSELEY is professor of literature at the University of North Carolina.

J W M THOMPSON was Deputy Editor of the Spectator for many years and then became editor of the Sunday Telegraph before Peregrine Worsthorne .

BARBARA DAY is currently writing a book about Czech theatre .

DENIS CHOPP retired as Headmaster of St Cake's School, Northumberland to pursue an amateur study of Czech theatre .

ANTONIA NASHE has designed costumes for Czech theatre.








4 RHODA KoENIG The Message to the Planet Iris Murdoch 4 MAGNUS FRATER Cosmetic Effects Clive Sinclair 6 PHILIP 0AKES Devices and Desires P D James 7 RosAMUND 0RDE-PowLETT Do It Again Martin Harris 8 ANN E SMITH The Scarlet Thread Mandy Rice-Davies

9 LAURA CuMMING The Abundant Dreamer Harold Brodkey 11 RosEMARY STOYLE Count]ulian Juan Goytisolo 12 LYN NE TRuss The Anna Papers Ellen Gilchrist 13 NICK HoRN BY The Mezzanine Nicholson Baker 13 SIMON R EES Foucault's Pendulum Umberto Eco 15 Jo HN KEMP Interzone William Burroughs 16 PA uL 0LDFIELD Christopher Unborn Carlos Fuentes 16 STEPHEN AMIDON Wittgenstein's Mistress David Markson 17 SIMON CARNELL Clandestine in Chile: The Adventures of

Miguel L ittin Gabriel Garcfa Marquez 18 MERRITT MosELEY Fulton County James Goldman

20 ALEXANDER GAM ES L etter from Cairo

22 J W M THOMPSON Waterhouse on Newspaper Style Keith

Waterhouse 23 DAVID CHIPP To Run Across the Sea Norman Lewis 24 }ANET BARRON Harem, The World Behind the Veil Alev Lyttle

Croutier 25 CYRIL RAY Adventures on the Wine Route Kermit Lynch 26 MILES DoNALD The Picture Post Album Robert Kee 27 DAISY WAUGH The Secret Language of Success Dr David

Lewis 28 TIM CLARKE The Prince of Wales: Right or Wrong? An

Architect Replies Maxwell Hutchinson 29 BARBARA DAY Uncollected Essays on Music Leos Jamicek

31 FRA NC IS WHEEN Keith]oseph : A Single Mind Morrison

Halcrow 32 GEORGE STERN Justice Not Vengeance: Recollections Simon


Editor: AuBERON WAUGH Deputy Editor: LAURA CuMMING Subscriptions & Busin ess Ma11ager: RoBERT PoSNER

Advertisi11g Matwger: ROGER THOMAS Editorial Assista11t : ALEXANDER GAMES

Ge11 era / Assista11t: LOLA BuBBOSH

Designer: STEPHEN PARKER Publisher: NAIM ATTALLAH Foundiltg Editor: DR ANNE SMITH Cover illu stratio 11 by William Rushto11

Iss ue 110. 136

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