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LOYD GROSSMAN is writing Terence Conran's authorised biography and will be presenting a new BBC TV series, Masterchef, starting in June.

RICHARD CAVENDISH is the author of The Magical A rts, King Arthur and the Grail, and other books on magic and mythology .

FRANCIS WHEEN is editing the Chatto book of Cats. His biography of Tom Driberg, also for Chatto , will be reviewed next month .

ANNE CLARK AMOR's fifth book, William Holman Hunt: the true Pre-Raphaelite, was published by Constable last November.

DONALD HILL is a Senior Lecturer in Classics at Newcastle University and has translated Ovid's Metamorphoses.

PHILIP CARAMAN, a former Editor of The Month , and author of various Catholic biographies, is currently mass-priest at the church of St Stanislas, Dulverton.

CAROLE MANSUR is Deputy Literary Editor of the excellent new _Sunday Correspondent. She formerly worked for three other literary editors, including two on Punch, and , with sufficient inducement, is prepared to reveal all .

STEVE SMITH is a producer on Channel4

JOAN SMITH recently appeared on television's The Clive James Show and astounded us all by the depth of her classical learning.





4 LOYD GROSSMAN The Art of Babar Nicholas Fox Weber 5 BRIAN SEWELL Future Tense: A New Art for the Nineties

Robert Hewison 6 J o HN KEMP Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson Camille Paglia 7 JA NET BARRON Women, Art and Society Witney Chadwick 8 ANNE CLARK AMOR Ruskin on Turner Dinah Birch; The

Victorian Painter's World Paula Gillett

10 VICTORI A GLENDINNING Amongst Women John McGahern 11 CAROLE MA NSU R]oanna Lisa St Aubin de Teran 12 PHI LIP 0AKES Silver Light David Thomson 13 ANDREW BILLEN Splitting the Atom Stephen Amidon 15 J o AN SMITH Mary Reilly Valerie Martin 16 J o HN LINKLATER The Magic Flute Alan Spence 17 MARY MALECKA Dying Young Marti Leimbach 18 J o HN SwEEN EY The End of Lieutenant Boruvka Josef



19 CHARLES SHAAR Mu RRAY The E vening News Arthur Hailey


21 RosEMARY STOYLE Bombay Duck Farrukh Dhondy 22 D o NALD HILL The Last World Christoph Ransmayr 23 L ucY MAYCOCK Then Again Jenny Diski 24 ANNE SMITH Something L eather Alasdair Gray

DU COTE DE CHEZ SMITH 25 GENERAL 26 MICHAEL F ooT Mill and Liberalism Maurice Cowling

27 FRANCIS WHEEN I am Right You are Wrong Edward de Bono 28 D Avm CHJPP The Great Game: On Secret Service in High Asia

Peter Hopkirk 29 ANTHONY BLOND Bread and Circuses Paul Veyne 30 J u u A BRIGGS Don't Tell the Grown- Ups: Subversive Children's

Literature Alison Lurie 32 WALLACE ARNOLD Green Parenting Juliet Solomon




34 RI CHARD CAYENDI SH Mythology of the British Isles Geoffrey

Ashe; This New Age Business Peter Lemesurier 35 PETER JONES Myths from M esopotamia Stephanie Dalley

Editor: AuBERON WAUC H Depu ty Editor: RoSEMARY BuRTON Subscriptions & Busin ess Ma nager: ROBERT PoSNER

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