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VICTORIA GLENDINNING has fmished the text of her biography of Trollope, to be published by Hutchinson next year, and now has only the Introduction and appendices left to do . This is brilliantly good news for literary London. We hope to see her before long .

MICHAEL DOBSON, author of Authorizing Shakespeare (forthcoming from Oxford University Press), met Gary Glitter at an Oxford ball in 1981, and has not been the same since.

ANDY KERSHAW is a broadcaster and journalist with a particular interest in Mrican and Caribbean music. He enjoys loud American motorcycles and visiting dangerous countries ruled by dictators.

NICOLA WATSON, author of Purloined Letters (forthcoming from Oxford University Press), is hoping to meet Margaret Drabble at a dinner one of these days to explain everything.

MICHAEL A SCULLY departed London last month for Washington DC, where he is now advisor to the Director of the US Information Agency.








1 AuBE RON WAUGH 4 SEBASTIAN FAULKSHarlot's Ghost Norman Mailer 5 JANET BARRON The Short Novels ofMartha Gellhom 6 CHARLES SHAAR MuRRA YLila: An Enquiry Into Morals

Robert M Pirsig 7 ToNY PARSONS The Lady and theMonk-FourSeasons in Kyoto

Pico Iyer 8 ANDY KERSHAW Songs of the Doomed -More Notes on the

Death of the American Dream, Gonzo Papers Vol3 Dr Hunter SThompson 9 GEOFFREY WHEATCROFT Mr Wu and Mrs Stitch: The Letters of

E velyn Waugh and Diana Cooper (Ed) Artemis Cooper 11 ELIZABETH I MLAYAristotle at Afternoon Tea, The Rare Oscar

Wilde (Ed) John Wyse Jackson 12 AN DREW BEsT Antonia White: Diaries 1926-1957 (Ed) Susan

Chitty 13 MICHAEL A ScuLLYGiants and Dwarfs: Essays 1960-1990

Allan Bloom 15 NICOLA WATSON The Gates of Ivory Margaret Drabble 15 J OAN SMITH Ripley Under Water Patricia Highsmith 16 PHILIP K ER RMainland Robert McCrum 18 NICOLETTE JoNEsMurther& Walking Spirits Robertson

Davies 19 SHAUN WHITESIDE The Emperor's Last Island -A Journey toSt

H elena Julia Blackburn The Death ofNapoleon Simon Leys 21 AAMER Hu ssE IN An Act of Terror Andre Brink Hidden in the

Heart Dan Jacobson 22 BERNARD O'KEEFFE Lempriere's Dictionary Lawrence Norfolk 23 Ro sEMARY STOYLE That Kind of Woman, Stories from the Left

Bank and Beyond (Edd) Bronte Adams and Trudi Tate 24 PHIL WARK True Believers Joseph O'Connor 25 STEPHEN AMIDON The Mammoth Book of the Western (Ed)

John E Lewis 26 MATT SEATON on Orwell: The Authorised Biography Michael

Shelden 28 CouN WILSON BemardShaw, The Lure of Fantasy 1918-1950

Michael Holroyd 29 VI CTOR IA GL EN DINNING GertrudeJekyll Sally Festing 30 SJMON WARD Laurence Olivier- A Biography Donald Spoto 33 JIM HoLT


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