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EDMUND WHITE is completing a biography of Jean Genet .

LYNN BARBER is now famous as the person whose brilliant interviews in the Independent on Sunday Review provide the main reason why anyone should read this publication . But she was once Deputy Editor of Penthouse, the colourful sex magazine, under Bob Guccione. A volume of collected interviews , Mostly Men (Viking), was very favourably reviewed by Susan Crosland in June's Literary Review.

JOY GREENLEY is the author of The Happiness Conspiracy: Why some Women Smile (Routledge £15 .99), which took her 25 years and one month to write .

ANNE SOMERSET'S brilliant Life of Elizabeth I was reviewed by Alastair Forbes, 78 1/z , in July's Literary Review. He later revealed that it was the last review he would ever write for us.

MARTIN WALKER is the Washington Correspondent for the Guardian.






4 EDMUND WHITEAndreGide: HomosexualMoralistPatrick

Pollard 6 ALLAN MASSIE A View From the Diner's Club Gore Vidal 8 ANTONIA DouRo Vampyres-LordByrontoCountDracula

Christopher Frayling

9 LAuRA CuMMING The Loony Bin Trip Kate Millet 10 J oHN DuGDALE Video Kids: MakingSenseofNintendo Eugene

F Provenzo 12 J oHN KEMP Taste Stephen Bayley 13 RI CHARD MuRPHY The Forgotten Trade Nigel Tattersfield 15 CLAIRE MoNK The Way Men Think: Intellect, Intimacy and the

Erotic Imagination Liam Hudson and Bernardine Jacot

16 ToNY PARSONS England's Dreaming: Sex Pistols and Punk

Rock Jon Savage 18 LYN N BARBER The New Joy ofSex Alex Comfort 19 MATT SEATON The True and Only Heaven: Progress and

Its Critics, The Culture ofNarcissism: American Life in an Age ofDiminishing Expectations Christopher Lasch 20 PATRICK O'CoNNORA FeastofWords Michel Jeanneret 21 B ENEDICT R EAD Dignity and Decadence Richard Jenkyns 22 H EN RY KELLY David Astor and the Observer Richard Cockett

LAURA CUMMING after courageous efforts to save The Listener from its ineluctable doom, now works for the BBC Overseas Service in Bush House as a producer for the arts programme Meridian.

ALLAN MASSIE's thoughtful new novel The Sins of the Father did not arrive from Hutchinson in time for review in this issue. I t was mysteriously not included in Booker's shortlist despite being first choice of at least one of the judges . The judge concerned, Nicholas Mosley, promptly resigned .





24 MI CHAEL DossoN William Shakespeare: A Life Gary

O'Connor 25 ANNE SoMERSET Sir Philip Sidney, Courtier Poet Katherine

Duncan-Jones 26 FRANCES WELCH Nicholas II, Last of the Tsars Marc Ferro 27 PATRICK T AYLOR-MARTIN Charles II John Miller 29 ALAN B ELL G H Lewes: A Life Rosemary Ashton

31 FRANCIS WHEEN Never A Yes Man Eric Heffer 32 AN DREW RoBERTS Citadel of the Heart John Pearson

Editor: A uBE RON WAUGH Deputy Editor: LOLA BuBBOSH Subscriptions& Business Manager: R oBERT PosNER

Advertising Manager: J oNATHAN DEWLAP Chief Editorial Assistant and Deputy Manager: N ANCY SLADEK

Designer: STEPH EN PARKER Publisher: NAIM ATTALLAH Founding Editor: DR ANN E SMITH Cover illustration by William Rushton

Issue no. 161



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