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PETER PALUMBO was appointed to a Life Peerage and also to Chairmanship of the Arts Council by Mrs Thatcher (as she then was). A building enthusiast and collector of relics of the Modern Movement, he introduced Henry Moore's unusual 'altar' to Chad Varah's Church of St Stephen, Walbrook.

MARCEL BERLINS, former legal correspondent of The Times and other newspapers, now presents the successful legal programme on Radio 4, Law In Action .

LIZ JOBEY is the Deputy Editor of the Independent on Sunday Review.

EDWARD CHANCELLOR, after collecting his First in History at Trinity College, Cambridge, has now become a banker with Lazard Brothers, and seems to be doing all right.

NICOLA J WATSON has just completed the manuscript of her book Intercepted Letters: Revolutionary Politics and the Form of the English Novel, 1970-1825 for Oxford University Press.

PETER CONRADI has just returned from working in Poland where he was British Council Reader in English at · the Jagiellonian University and is now back at his post as Head of English at Kingston University.





1 AusERON WAUGH 4 DENNIS SEWELL Bertrand Russell-A Life Caroline

Moorehead 4 PATRICK O'CoNNOROttolineMorrell: Life on the Grand Scale

Miranda Seymour 6 PETER PARKER Benjamin Britten: A Biography Humphrey

Carpenter 8 PETER PAL UMBO Frank Lloyd Wright Meryle Secrest 10 ALAN BELL Edward and Alexandra: Their Private and Public

Lives Richard Hough 11 RICHARD WEST Fitzroy MacLean Frank McLynn 12 }ONATHAN RoMNEY JeanRenoir: Projections ofParadise

Ronald Bergan 14 EowARD CHANCELLOR The Great Melody: A Thematic

Biography and Commented Anthology ofEdmund Burke Conor Cruise O'Brien 15 J ANET BARRON P G Wodehouse, Man and Myth Barry Phelps 16 MARCEL BERLINS Eve Was Framed: Women and British Justice

Helena Kennedy 17 BRIAN PHILLIPS ThePapersofMartinLutherKing,Jr, Volume

One (Edd) Clayborne Carson, Ralph Luker, Penny A Russell 19 ANTHONY LEE Nixon: Ruin and Recovery 1973-1990 Stephen

EAmbrose 20 KARL SABBAGH The Sky Barons Neville Clarke & Edwin

Rid dell 22 CRE SIDA CoNNOLL YAn Evil Cradling Brian Keenan 23 MICHA EL DARLOW The Sieve of Time- The Memoirs ofLeni

Riefenstahl 25 SIMON WARD Loitering with Intent Peter O'Toole 26 RHODA KoENIG Among the Porcupines: A Memoir Carol



29 GILL HoRNBY The American Way ofBirth Jessica Mitford 31 ANN GENEVAThe Englishwoman's Diary: An Anthology (Ed)

Harriet Blodgett 32 DAY ID CHIPP Tracing it Home: Journeys Around a Chinese

Family Lynn Pan 33 MARIE MuLVEY ROBERTS Women Who Run with the Wolves:

Contacting The Power of the Wild Woman Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Editor: AuB ERON WAUGH Deputy Editor: LOLA BuBBOSH

Business Manager& Supreme Consultant: RoBERT PosNER

Advertising Manager: }ONATHAN DEWLAP ChiefEditorial Assistant and Deputy Manager: N ANCYSLADEK

Editorial Assistant: SAM LEITH Publisher: NAIM ATTALLAH Founding Editor: DR ANNE SMITH Cover illustration by William Rushton

Issue no. 172

~-------------------------- · LITERARY REVIEW October 1992

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