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DAVI D PRYCE -j ONES, whose biography of Cy ril Connolly was publish e d by Collins in 1983 , is j u st co rr ecti n g the proofs of hi s magnum op u s, Til e War that Never Was, about the end of th e Soviet World. lt is to be publi shed in· May by W eidenfeld .

W ENOY H OLDEN writes for and works at Harper's & Quee1·1.

SIM ON H EFFER. i s the D e puty Edito r of th e Daily Telegraph .

FR.E DER. ICK STOCKEN wrote Lament for Bo snia a nd h as r ece ntl y co mpleted a v iolin co ncerto.

j ANE CHARTERIS is writin g the E veni ng Standard Food Lover's Guide to Lon do11 , a round-up of th e capital's food s hop s . R ecomme ndations from rea d e rs are welcome.

AL LA M ASSIE' new novel, Ki11g David , wil l be published in May by Sceptre .

RICHARD D ORMENT is th e Art Critic of the Daily Telegraph .






4 W E DY H OLDEN Carb o Barry Paris

5 WILL!AM REEs-MOGG Moral Desperado: A Life of Thomas Carlyle

Simon H effer 6 PH ILIP Z IEGLER Fisher's Place ]an Morris 8 D AV ID PRYCE-J ONES Cyn·l Co11no l/y: A Nos talgic Life Clive Fish er 10 PATRICK O 'Co NOR IYI!ing Berlin: A Daughter's Memoir M ary

Ellin Barrett 11 D AV ID CHIPP vVhatever H appened to Margo? M argare t Durrell

12 A NTHONY STORI'\. Privat e Myth s: Dreams and Dreamir1g Anthony

Stevens 14 MATT SEATON Enemy Withi11: n e Rise al1d Fall of the British

Communist Party Francis B eckett 15 ALLAN MASSIE 71te Greatest of Friends: Winston Churchill and

Frank/in D Roosevelt 1941-1 945 K e ith Alldritt 16 GEOFFREY MAc AB Th e Films of Louis Burwel Peter W illiam

Evans 17 D EBORA H B osLEY T/1 e Weather PropheTLucretia Stewart 18 D EREK DAVIES Where Did We Go Wrong? From th e Gold Standard to Europe E ri c R o ll

19 GI LL H ORNBY Th e Best of Fn·ends ] oanna Trollope 20 CLAUDIA FITZH EI'\.BERT An Experi1nent in Love Hilary M antel 21 j ANE CHARTERJS When You Love You 'vfust Depart Alina R eyes 22 SI M N HEFFER Letters to a Young Politician from H is Uncle Alisrair

M acAlpine 23 R OBERT YATES TI1 e Black A lbum H anifKureishi 24 ] OH SWEENEY Afier t/1 e Raid Chris Paling 25 EMMA GUINNESS 011e Tnt e Tlti11g Anna QuindJen 26 RI CHA ii ll TYR!liLL The Birds Tarjei Vesaas 27 PETERj O E I, Virg i/ D av id Wisharc 28 MICHAEL BYWATER A River Town Thomas K e n eally 29 BENEDICT KI NG Free to Trade: Tl1 ere is a Killing to be Made

Micha el Ridpath 29 J ASO THOMPSO Goi11g aked is th e Best Disguise Stevenjacobi

WOMEN & MARRIAGE 30 T ONY PARSON Vamps and Tramps Camille P aglia

31 j ESS ICA MANN Mothers: R dJectiorzs by Daughters (Ed) Joanna

Goldsworchy 32 WILUAM TAYLOR !Vlarriage: H .e Difinitive Guide to What Makes a

Marriage Work Ja ck D o minia n 33 M ARY KENNY Th e Marriage of Likeness: Same-Sex Un. ions in

Pre-Modem Europe J o hn B oswell


Editor: AUBERO W AUGH Deput y Ediwr: LOLA B unBOSH Busi11 ess Ma11ager & Boxwallail: R BERT Pos ER Assista11t Editor and Dep 11t y Manager: N ANCY SLADEK

Advertisi11g Manager: CLIFF KIMBER

Editorial Assistant:Jo CI'\.AVE

Publisher: N AIM ATTALLAH Founding Editor: DR. ANNE SMITH Cover illustration by Willimn Rusilton

Issue rw. 201

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