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CHRISTOPHER HITCHEN S, the tormentor ofMother Teresa, now writes the seminal .fin de Siecle colunul in Vm1ity Fair, an American magazin e. He is travelling in Albania as we go to press.

MURRAY SAYLE, widely recognised as the Greatest Living Australian, is now based in Japan, from where he writes regularly for the New Yorker under the editorship ofTina Brown.

MARGARET fOR.STER is engaged in writing a book about a biscuit factory. She does not suppose it will sell more than one and a half co pies, but has composed the haunting tide: Rich Desserts and Captain's Thin: A Family and their Times 1831-1931.

WIN STON CHURCHILL, a co rrespondent in Yemen, Congo, Angola, Borneo, Vietnam, Chicago, Czechoslovakia, Nigeria, Biafra and the Middle East for The Times and other newspapers, special correspondent in China and Portugal, an MP since 1970, has recendy published an acclaimed biography of his father, Randolph.

CLAUDIA fiTZHER.BER.T has given up her ambitions to work in London Zoo. She now writes a regular co lumn in the Telegraph in order to feed her twin boys, as well as contributing anonymously to its excellent obituaries. Although a granddaughter of Evelyn Waugh , she proudly remains one of the new generation not to have published a book, but is rumoured to be thinking of something about the suffragettes.








4 CHR.ISTOPHER HITCHENS Nuremberg: Th e Last Battle

David Irving 6 WINSTON CHURCHILL TI1e Boys: Triumph Over Adversity

Martin Gilbert 8 DAVID CHIPP The Admiral's Baby Laurens van der Post

9 ]AN MORRIS Venice and the Grand Tor~r Bruce Redford 11 D ERVLA MURPHY Reinventing a Continent: Writing and Politics in

South Africa 1982-1995 Andre Brink, Not Yet Home Jus t in Cartwright 13 ]AMES OWEN Bad Land Jonathan Raban 14 SARA WHEELER The Last of the Bedu: In Search of the Myth

Michael Asher 15 J OSEPH ALTHAM Cafe Europa: Life after Communism

Slavenka Drakulic 15 DIRK B OGARDE Waiting for Bardot: A Romance Andy Marrin

16 CRAIG BR.OWN Som ethitrg Like Fire: Peter Cook Remembered

(Ed) Lin Cook 19 MAR.GAR.ET FORSTER Th e Bendfor Hom e Derrnot Healy 20 K ENNETH RosE Founder: Meyer Amschel Rothschild and His Tim e

Amos Elon 22 RHODA KOENIG The Same River Twice: Honorir1g the Difficult

Alice Walker

23 MAUREEN DuFFY The Secret Life of Aphra Benn]anet Todd 24 KATHRYN HUGHES George Eliot: A Life Rosemary Ashton 24 MICHAEL THORN Emily Tennyson: The Poet's Wife

Ann Thwaite 26 ADRIAN WR..I GHT Ford Madox Ford: A Dual Life, Vol Il: The

After- War World Max Saunders

27 LOUI SE GUINNESS After Rain William Trevor 28 D EBOR.A H BOSLEY Worst Fears Fay Weldon 29 DJ TAYLOR 77u Silver Castle Clive James 30 DAISY WAUGH How Stella Got H er Groove Back

Terry McMillan 31 ANGELA LAMBERT After Hannibal Barry Unsworth 3 2 J OHN THI.EM.E Admiring Silence Abdulrazak Gurnah 3 3 Au E THOMAS ELLIS Tara and Claire Naim Attallah


Editor: AUBERON WAUGH Deputy Editor: NANCY SLADEK Assistant Editor: ) OANNA CR.AVEN General Assistant: LISA ALLAR..DICE Business Manager: !SABEL BOOTHBY Advertising Manager: CLIFF K.!MBER.

Subscriptions: BEN H OUSE P11blisher: NAIM ATTALLAH Founding Editor: DR ANNE SMITH Cover illustration by William Rush ton

Issue no. 220

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