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CLAUDIA fiTZHERBERT T11e Letters of Nancy Mitford and Evelyn Waugh (Ed) Charlotte Mosley ELLIE U PDALE D ear Writer, Dear Actress: T11e Love Letters of Anion Chekhov and Olga Knipper (Ed) Jean Benedetti NIKOLAI T OLSTOY A Lifelong Passion: 71-te Letters of Nicholas and Alexandra (Ed) Sergei Mironenko and Andrei Maylunas





40 ANTHONY STORR Omens of the Millennhtm Harold Bloom 41 CHRISTOPHER Wooo The Victorian Nude: S exuality, Morality and Art Alison Smith 43 J OHN KEMP Touch Gabrie!Josipovici 43 J W M THOMPSON Meetings with R emarkable Trees

Thomas Pakenham 4 5 AMANDA CltAIG Th e Practice of Writing David Lodge

46 ANNE APPLEBAUM The President They D eserve Martin Walker 47 ALAN CLARK The Chancellors: A History of th e Chancellors of the

Exchequer, 1945-90 Edmund Dell 48 R.ALPH BERRY Th e Literary Companion to Parliament

(Ed) Christopher Silvester

50 FREDER.IC R.APHAEL Accordian Crimes E Annie Proulx 5 1 EusA SEGitAVE Th e Story of th e Night Calm Toibin 5 2 K.ATE HUBBARD The Low of Love Laura Esquivel 53 ALEX [VANOVITC H Readir~;g in th e Dark Seamus D eane 54 SuSAN ELKIN Falling on Your Kr1ees Ann-Marie MacDonald 54 LAURA TENNANT The Other R ebecca Maureen Freely 55 SEBASTLAN SHAKESPEARE Th e Tailor of Panama John le Carre 56 SIMON WARD Making History Step hen Fry 56 ALI CE MATHER.S 17u RemarkableJourn ey of Miss Tranby Quirke

Elizabeth Ridley





59 SIOBHAN D owo


ALAN CLARK, the historian and diarist who was formerly MP for Plymouth, Sutton and served for a t ime as Minister of State in the Defence department, is rumoured to be willing to return to politics.

MICE THOMAS ELLIS whose latest novel, Fairy Story, was reviewed by Cressida Connolly in the September LR, is engaged on a short thriller which she hopes to finish by Christmas. After that she plans a long novel about a bishop and the state of organised religion .

MAUREEN DUFFY, poet, novelist, playw right , who, with Brigid Brophy led the ca mpaign for authors ' l e nding rights, fi r st published her classic study of Aphra Behn in 1977 . It was reissued by Methuen in 1989.

CJ-JRJ STOPHER W OOD, author of Dictionary of Victorian Pict ures, Victoriar1 Panorama : Pai11tings of Victorian Life (Faber pape rback) , runs the Christopher Wood Art Gallery from Mallets in N ew Bond Street.

NJKOLA I TOLSTOY is working hard on hi s n ext book on the Arthurian legend , to be called Quest fo r A rthur, to take up the story from Quest for Merlin (Ham.ish HanUlton, 1985) as the fruit of 40 years research in Celtic studies.

DERVLA M URPHY has just finished writing a book on South Africa, which will be published early next year by John Murray.

SARA WHEELER's latest book, the widely acclaimed Terra Incognita , was published last month by Jonathan Cape (£16.99).

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