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0LEG GORDIEVSKY spent e leven yea rs as a sec ret age nt for British intellige nce working insid e the KGB. H e survives , somewhe re in England, to tell th e tale, and has written four books, three of them in partnership with Christopher Andrew.

SARA WHEELER is a travel w riter and broadcaster. Her latest book, T erra I11 cognita: Travels in Antarctica , went strai ght to the best -se ll er li st aft er b e in g rev iewed by Betyl Bainbridge in September's Literary R ev iew. It will be published in pape rba ck by Vintage in September, at £7 .99 .

SIM ON WARD acted the part of the vet H erriot in the original film All Creatures Grea t a11d Small, whi c h co nfirmed the author's ph en omenal success.

ANNE M CELVOV i s d ep ut y editor of the Spectator and author of Th e Saddl ed Cow : East Ger111any's Life and Legacy.

CEDRIC W ATIS is a Professo r at Su ssex University. Hi s most recent book is A Preface to Greet·te (Longman, £14.99).

j ESS ICA M ANN's new c rim e no ve l, Hanging Fire, is publish ed by Constab le thi s month . I t is set m os tl y in Cornwall, where she li ves, and will be reviewed by PhiJip Oakes in next month's Litera ry R eview. H er la st novel, A Private Inqui ry, was shortlisted for the Golden D agger Award.

G EO RGE STER , the mathematician , has spent the last few years m as tering law, w i th p a rti c ul ar reference to t h e law on rap e. The wo rld of letters welcomes him back.






4 SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEA RE News of a Kidnapping Gabriel Garcia

M arquez 5 0LEG G ORDIEVSKY Th e File: A Perso nal History Timothy

Garron A sh 6 KATHER.INE FRANK Liberty or Death: India 's j oumey to

Independence a11d Divisio11 Patri c k French 8 ANDIUW LYCETI Forged ill War: Roosevelt, C lmrchill and the

Seco nd World War Warren F Kimball

9 ANNA PASTE RNAK Strippi11g in Tirn e: A History cif Erotic Dancing

Lucinda JatTet t 10 MAR.Y FURNESS TI1 e Ht1111 a11 Brain Susan A Green field 12 MICHAEL WATER.HOUS£ Th e Cha11ging Face of D eath (Ed) Peter

C Jupp and Glennys H owarth 13 CouN WILSON Life 011 Mars: Th e Case for a Cosmic Heritage?

Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wi c kramasinghe 14 GEOR.GE STERN Fermat 's Last Th eore111 Simon Singh Fermat 's

Last Th eo rem Amir D Aczel 15 NI COLA BEAUMAN A Place of My Oum Michael Pollan

LITERARY BIOGRAPHY 16 FR.ANCI KIN G Somerset Maugham and tlze Maugham Dynasty

19 20 21 22

Bri an Connon 17 18

NI KOLAI T OLSTOY Anion Chekhov: A Life DonaJd Rayfield CHRISTOPHER H ART W B Yeats: Th e Ma11 and th e Milieu K e i th Alldritt W B Yeats: A Life Stephen Coote CEDRIC WATTS Tlt e Quest for Graltam Gree11 e W J W es t KATHRY H UGHES Radcly{fe Hall: A Woma11 Calledj olzn Sally Cline ANDREW SINCLA JRjack Lo11do11 : A Life Alex K ers haw SI MON WARDj ames H errio t: T7l e Life cif a Co1111try Vet Graham Lord





29 30

M ALCOLM BR.ADBURv Maso11 & Dixo n T h omas Pyn c h on

AS BYATT Existentialists a11d Mystics: Writ ings on Philosophy and Literature Iris Murdoch (Ed) Peter Conradi RHODA Ko£ JG Virgi11 Islands: A Dependency cif U11ited States, Essays 1992-199 7 Gore Vidal DAVID PR.OFUMO Th e Voice Tlt al Th1111d ers Alan Garner K£ NETH R osE Ancient as t!t e Hills: Diaries 1973-1974 J ames Lees-Milne




j ESS ICA MANN The Sweet11 ess cif L ife: A Biography cif Elisabeth Lo11ise Vig ee Le Brun Angelica Goodden MICHAEL COREN The Napo leon of Crime : Th e Life and Ti111 es cif a Victorian Master Thiif Ben M aclntyre

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