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(Plus Julian Barnes on a Gira1Te) MURIEL SPARK ON THE BOOK OF JOB LOVE: Henry James's Women * George Eliot's Men Hans Christian Andersen in Copenhagen * Casanova in London

Piaf: Poor Little Sparrow * All About E re

Sara Wheeler falls for Barrow's Boys WAR: Norman Stone on Keegan's FIRST WORLD WAR

Rhodes James defends the CONSERVATIVES

Roger Scruton's joy in CLASS FICTION: Forster on P at B a rker, Cowley on Martin Arnis Weldon on Maggie Gee, Tolstoy on Robert Harris, Black on Peter Pres\:on

Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, John M o r t i tner, Paul Sayer US FICTION: Roth , St one, Srniley, Johns on , HunterS Thornpson

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