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NORMAN STONE, Professo r of Internat iona l R e lation s at Bilkent University, Ankara, sin ce 1997, an d fom1er Professor of Modem History at Oxford, ha s written book s on Eastern Europe, war and modern European history, winn in g many prizes as well as the Po lish Order of Merit in I993. Recently, he identified himself with Flute, the historian in Robert Harris's Archa11gel (see page 52 for review by Nikolai Tolstoy).

DAVID NOKES is a Professor of English at King's Coll ege, London . His jat·le A 11 ste11 is now avai lable in paperback from Fourth Estate, £9.99 .

FAY WELDON published h er latest co ll ection of short stories, A Hard Tillle to be a Father, with Flamingo at £12.99 in w hat we are ob li ged to ca ll the summ er. Our reviewer described i t as 'the best thing Weldon has ever written'.

ROB ER T l'l..HODES j AMES, whose distinguished contribu ti ons to British parliamentary and political history includ e studi es of Winston Churchill and the definitive edit ion of the Ch urchi ll speeches 1897-1963, also found time for a life of Bob Boothby and the letters of Chips C hann on. His new book, TI1e Serva11t cif His People: TI1e Mo11arch as Politicia11, will be published next month by Little,Brown.

ANNE Ci!ISI IOLM's Rlllller Codde11: A Storyteller's Life (Macmill an, £20) was reviewed in LR May.

ROGER SCRUTON brings out a short polemic on hunting in November, and has also, w ith Anthony Bam ett, edited To11m a11d Co11111ry, a collection of essays on me threatened countryside.

LAWiliNCE jAMES, who is the aumor of Raj: TI1e Maki11g a11d Uw11aki11g cif British i11dia, published by Little,Brown in December a t £25, ha s wr i t t e n extensively on T E L1wrence.

ROWAN PELLING i s Editor of Ero tic Reviel/l.










KATHRYN HUGHES A Private Life 6j Hwry jan1es Lyndall Gordon LEONEE 0RMOND Hans Christian Andersen: The Fan Dancer Aliso n Prince DJ TAYLOR George Eliot: Tir e Last Victorian Kathryn Hughes

8 N ORMAN STONE Th e First World War John Keegan 10 LAWRENCE JAMES Lawrence: Tire Uncrowned King rf Arabia

Michael Asher 12 FRANK M c LYNN Robert the Bnrce Caroline Bingham

13 R OGER SCRUTON Class in Britain David Cannadine 14 ROB ERT RHODESjAMES An Appetite for Power: A New History rf th e Conservative Party John Ramsden 16 BEVIS HILLIER Gothic: Four Hundred Years rf Excess, Horror, Evil and Ruin Richard Davenport- Hines




18 J OHN LLOYD Resu rrection: Th e Struggle for a New Rtrssia

David Remnick 19 PATRICK FR.ENCH Sorcerer's Apprentice Tahir Shah 20 TOM HOLLAND Cairo: The City Victoriot4S Max Rodenbeck

22 JOHN BAYLEY The New Oxford Book rf English Prose Edited by

John Gross 23 KENNETH R osE Through Wood art.d Dale: Diaries 1975-1978

Jam es Lees-Milne



25 JULI AN BARNES Zarafa: The Trtte Story of a Giraffe'sJoum ey frotH

the Plains rfAfrica to the Heart rf Post-Napoleo rric France Michael Allin 26 JESS ICA MANN The Story of Eve Pan'lela Norris 27 ROC{ER HUTCHINSON The Sixties: Cultural R evo lution in B~ilain, ,

Frartce, Italy and the Un ited States c. 1958- c. 1974 Arthur Marwick 28 FARRUKH DHONDY Happy Like Murderers Gordon Burn 30 TOM P ococK The Nelson Portraits Ri chard Walker


32 JUSTIN CARTWRIGHT I Married a Co llttlllmist Philip Roth 33 J OHN DuGDALE Damascus Gate Robert Stone 35 ELA INE SHOWALTER The All- True Travels and Advwtures rf Lidie

Newton J ane Smiley 36 R ICHARD GOTT Dreamer CharlesJohnson 37 J OHN KEMP The Rum Diary HunterS Thompson Editor: AuBERON WAUGH Deputy Editor: NANCY SLADEK Asmtant Editor: LI SA ALLARJ)ICE Ceueral Assistaut: JAMES PUSEY Business Manager: ISABEL BooTHBY Advertising Manager: LOUISE HARRISON Classified Advertisemwt Sales: ]AMES PUSEY

Contributing Editor: LILIAN l>I ZZ ICHINI

Subscriptions: BEN H ousE P11b/isher: NAIM ATTALLAH Four·rding Editor: DR ANNE SMITH Cover illustratiou by Chris Ridde/1

Issue tto. 244


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