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DAVIDCAIRNS,whose long-awaited second volume of Berlioz won this year's Samuel Johnson Prize, as well as t h e Whitbread Prize for Biography, is currently engaged on a study of Mozart's late operas, while also c on t emplating a life of Schubert. T h e Berlioz volumes are available as a set from Allen Lane The Penguin Press for E 2 5 each.

KARENARMSTRONG'SThe Battle for God was recently published by HarperCollins G19.99).

GILESFITZHERBERTwas British Ambassador in Venezuela and the Dominican Republic 1988-93. He now farms in Ireland.

ROY HATTERSLEYis a politician turned writer. His Blood and Fire: The Story of William and Catherine Booth and their Salvation Army will be published i n paperback i n t h e autumn. He is also rumoured to be writing a book about John Wesley.

MIRANDASEYMOUR'Sbiography of Mary Shelley is published i n October by John Murray.

R O Y PORTER'SEnlightenment: Britain and the Creation of the Modem World will be published by Penguin in the autumn.

STEPHENAMIDONhas recently left London for America, where he has gladly swapped urban sophistication for coaching his son Alexander in Little League baseball.

MARTYNBEDFORD'Slatest novel, The Houdini Girl, is published by Penguin.

GAVINESLERis a presenter on BBC News 24.

ALANMAHAR'Snovel Flight Patterns is published i n paperback by Phoenix at E6.99.




4 SARAHBRADFORDEleanor Roosevelt, V o l u m e T w o :

1933- 1938 Blanche Wiesen Cook 6 DANIELJOHNSONAdenauer: T h e Father of t he N e w

G e r m a n y Charles Williams 8 DAVIDCAIRNSMozart: A Cu l t u r a l Biography Robin

W Gutman 9 KARENARMSTRONGFrancis of Ass i s i Adrian House 10 VICTORIAGRIFFINA M o n k e y Amo n g Crocodiles: T h e

Disastrous L i f e of Mrs Georgina W e l d o n Brian Thompson

12 JEREMYLEWISLost Years: A Memoir 1945- 1951

Christopher Isherwood (Ed) Katherine Bucknell 13 A N WILSONExperience Martin Amis 14 JOANSMITHPromise of a Dr e am : A Memoir of t he S i x t i e s

Sheila Rowbotham 16 STEPHENAMIDONA Heartbreaking W o r k of Staggering

G e n i u s Dave Eggers

PLEASURES OF LIFE 17 DAVIDPROFUMOLife a t t he E x t r eme s : T h e Science of

Survival Frances Ashcroft 18 A C GRAYLINGTh e Mat i n g M i n d : H o w S e x u a l Choice

Shaped t he E v o l u t i o n of H u m a n Na t u r e Geoffrey Miller Promiscuity: A n Evolutionary His t o r y of Sperm Compet i t i o n and S e x u a l Conflic t T im Birkhead 20 COLINPRICEBEECHA Short History of W i n e Rod Phillips

M'I'ERARYBIOGRAPHY 21 PAMELANORRISFunny Bu r n e y : A Biography Claire

Harman 22 RONALDHAYMANMarcel Proust: A Biography Jean-

Yves Tadik Marcel Proust: A L i f e William C Carter Proust's W a y : A Field G u i d e to ' I n Search of Lost T i m e ' Roge r Shattuck 24 SEANDAY-LEWISGeorge Moore, 1852- 1 9 3 3

Adrian Frazier 25 THOMASHODGKINSONBosie: A Biography of Lord A l f r ed

Douglas Douglas Murray


26 ALLANMASSIEO u t i n t he M i d d a y S u n : T h e British i n

Malaya 1880- 1960 Margaret Shennan 28 GILESFITZHERBERTIn the S h a d ow of the Liberator: Hugo

C h L v e z and the Transformation of V e n e z u e l a Richard Gott 29 JOHNADAMSONSpain: A His t o r y (Ed) Raymond Carr 32 GAVINESLERT h e Bo t t om of t he Harbor Joseph Mitchell 33 SUSANCROSLANDOld N e w Wor l d Lucinda Lambton




Business Manager: ISABELBOOTHBY Advertising Mana er: LOUISEHARRISON Class$ed Sales: +HOMAS HODGK~NSON

Publisher: NAIMATTALLAH Foundin Editor: DR ANNESMITH Cover filustration by Chris Riddell

Issue no. 265


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