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ROSEMARYASHTONis Professor of English a t University Col l e g e L o n d o n . She is t h e a u t h o r of Coleridge (Blackwell, 1996) and, most recently, George Eliot: A Lije, which is published i n paperback by Penguin. She is c ompleting a joint biography of Thomas and Jane Carlyle.

VERNONBOGDANORis Professor of Government at Oxford University.

KATIEHICKMAN'Sfirst book, Dreams of the Peacefil Dragon: Ajourney into Bhutan, is now scandalously out of print. Her most recent book, however, the best-selling Daughters of Bri t annia, is available just a bout everywhere.

ANDREW LYCETT'SKipling is published in paperback by Phoenix.

MIRANDASEYMOUR'SMary Shelley is published by John Murray at 6 2 5 .

STANLEYSTEWART'Smost recent book, In T h e Empire of Genghis Khan, was published in September by HarperCollins.

HARRIETSERGEANTlived in Japan for seven years and is the author of The Old Sow in the Back Room (John Murray), which is a bout h e r experiences there.

MARTYNBEDFORD'Snovel Black Cat was published by Viking last month.

SEBASTIANSHAKESPEAREisEditor of the Londoner's Dairy.

OLEGGORDIEVSKYwas MI6's secret agent in the KGB during the 1970s and 1980s. His b o o k N e x t S t o p Execution has recently gone i n t o second print in Russia.

FERGUSFLEMINGis the author of Barrow's Boys and, most recently, Killing Dragons: A History of Alpine Exploration (Granta 6 2 0 ) . H e is currently writing a book about the Noah Pole.



L I ~ Y B I O G R A P H Y 4 ANDREWLYCETTBoswell's Presumptuous T a s k Adam

Sisman 6 ROSEMARYASHTONT h e Quarrel of t he A g e : T h e L i f e and T i m e s of W i l l i a m H a z l i t t A C Grayling 7 KATHRYNHUGHESHans Ch r i s t i a n Andersen: T h e L i f e of a Storyteller Jackie Wullschlager 8 JEREMYLEWISOrwell: W i n t r y Conscience of a Generation

Jeffrey Meyers l 7 7 , ' f



10 BRENDAMADDOXT h e Comple t e Letters of Oscar W i l d e

(Edd) Merlin Holland and Rupert Hart-Davis 11 SEBASTIANSHAKESPEAREThe Assassin's C l o a k : A n

An t h o l o g y of t h e Wor l d ' s Greatest Diarists (Edd) Alan Taylor and Irene Taylor 12 MIRANDASEYMOURO n Histories and Stories: Selected

Essays A S Byatt 14 PETERJONEST h e Classical Plot and T h e I nvent i on of

Wes t e r n Narrative N J Lowe

.-' I c , :.F<.:

15 MATTRIDLEYGenes, Peoples and Languages Luigi Luca

Cavalli-Sforza 16 BRYANAPPLEYARDMa n , Beast and Z o m b i e : W h a t

Science C a n and C a n n o t T e l l U s A b o u t H u m a n Na t u r e Kenan Malik



t h e C I 19 VERN

Britail 20 SELIN

t h e M Orlan 22 R I CH . 23 PAUL

of R i c 25 PHILII 26 T ~ o k

-I BRADFORDT h e Viceroy's Daughters: T h e L i v e s .of lrrzon Sisters Anne de Courcy 1 : c ;

ON B O G D A N O R ] O ~ ~ Maynard Ke y n e s : F i g h t i n s f o r n, 1 9 3 7 - 1 9 4 6 Robert Skidelsky A HASTINGSInfinite Va r i e t y : T h e L i f e and Legend of archesa Ca s a t i Scot D Ryersson and Michael d o Yaccarino ARD GOTTFrantz Fanon: A L i f e David Macey JOHNSONT h e Arrogance of Power: T h e Secret Wor l d hard N i x o n Anthony Summers P OAKESChester H i m e s : A L i f e James Sallis IAS HODGKINSONFearless o n Everest: T h e Quest f o r

S a n d y

I rvine Julie Summers


27 RICHARDOVERYA W a r of Nerves: Soldiers and

Psychiatrists 1 9 1 4 - 1 9 9 4 Ben Shephard 28 FELIPEFERNANDEZ-ARMESTOCrucible of W a r : T h e

S e v e n Years' W a r and t h e Fate of Empir e i n British N o r t h America, 1 7 5 4 - 1 7 6 6 Fred Anderson

Editor-in-Chie :AUBERONWAUGH XT Editor: ANCY SLADEK Editorial Assistant: THOMASHODGKINSON General Assistant: SARAHWILLCOCKS Business G Advertising Manager: ANICE BRADY

Chssr red Sales: SARAHdILLCOCKS pfublisher: NAIMATTALLAH Foundin Editor: DR ANNESMITH

Cover iilustration by Chrk Riddell ,

Issue no. 2 6 9



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