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Literarv Review

V S NAIPAUL: THE INTERVIEW Robert Blake champions Churchill * Norman Stone betrays Beria

Felipe Fernandez-Armesto meets t he Roosevelts

Joan Smith reveals Simone Weil Jeremy Lewis looks at Ved Mehta Pamela Norris peers at Penelope Lively Hugo Vickers recalls Caroline Blackwood The Sad Schumann * The Lucky Amis The Reckless Hammett * The o r i g i na l Lady Di

Agdrew Roberts on the Napoleonic Wars Anne Applebaum on t h e Dirty War

Beds Hillier in Ruins Adam Nicolson on Grass All You Ever Wanted to Know about Sharks

FICTION: King on Makine, Amidon on Palahniuk, Marnham on Quint...

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