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THIS MONTH'S PUL PIT is written by A C Grayling, a phi losopher and a critic, and author of a biography of Hazlitt . MIRANDA SEYMOU K's bi ograph y of Lad y Ottolin e Morr e ll is in th e process of being r e print e d b y Sce ptr e . H e r m os t re ce nt b oo k , Mar)' She/l e)', is avai labl e in p ap e rback fiĀ·om Pi ca dor. M ARK M AZOWER was re ce ntly award ed the Adolph e Bentin c k Ptize fo r his lates t book, Th e Balkans. A NDREW R OB ER TS's acc laim ed Napo leon and Wellitwon is publi shed by W e idenfeld & Ni co lso n. ADAM LEBOI1.. repotted on Yugoslavia for Tite and the lndepende/1/. His biography o fS!obodan Milosevic will be published by Bl oomsbury next aunmm . H uco VI CKER S's A/ice, Prin cess Andre111 of G reece is published in pape rba c k by Pe n gu in. D AV ID PR OFUMO i s Fi s hin g Correspondent for Co untr)' L!fe, and has we t hi s hooks from Alaska to th e South Atlanti c. R ece ntl y he was in a Ru ss i a n h e li cop t er c ra s h , w hi c h invol ve d seve ral breakages, including hi s favo utite sa lmon rod. LESLEY C HAMBERLAIN's (M)otherland: Reittlle ntin,~ Russian Philosoph)' will be published next yea r by H arvill. 13 EVIS HILLIEI1.., fmm erl y Editor of Tite Connoissenr, is the amho r of tvJenty- five books on th e am, and is th e aucl10rised biographer ofJ o hn Begeman. DEBOI1..AH 13 ULL is a dancer, wtiter and broadcaster. She is w titin g a three-part seri es on d111ee for BBC2, and will take up a new positi on at cl1 e Royal Opera House, developing an attisti c policy for th e theatre 's alternative pe rforn1a n ce spaces, in earl y 2002. Over Chriso11as, she ca n be see n o n BBC2 presentin g Th e R o)lal Ballet f ront th e Ro)lal Opera House. D OUGLAS j OHNSON is Em e ritu s Professo r of Fre nch Hi s tor y at Unive rs i ty allege London.




4 5 R AYMOND SE ITZ)ohn Adar11 s David M c Cu ll ough GE OR DIE GREIG T ed Hughes: Th e L 1je of a Poet E l ain e

Fein ste in 7 PAUL j O H NSON Pulit zer: A Life Denis Brian 8 AN DREW ROB ERT S Th e Hidd e11 Hitl er Lothar Ma c h tan 10 BRYAN APPLEYARD En. zo Ferrari: A Life Ri c hard

Williams 11 PATR IC K O'CONNOR Th e Diari es of Kenneth Tynan (Ed)

J ohn Lahr


12 MIRANDA SEYMOUR Pai t11ed Shadow: A Life of Vivi etm e

Eliot Caro l e Se y m.our-Jon es 14 TERE SA W AUG H I ne ss a, L enin 's Mistress Mi c h ae l

Pearson 15 PAMELA N ORR IS Emma Darwin: Th e In spirational Wife of a Genius Edna H ea l ey 16 A C GRAYLING Ma e W es t: An lco11 in Bl ack and White

Jill Watts 18 DEB ORAH BULL I , Maya Plise tskaya Maya Plis etskaya 19 Lu Y L ET HBR IDGE Th e R eal Mrs Miniv er Ysenda

M axtone -Grah am 20 TH O MA S HOD G KIN SON And That 's Not AI/: Th e

M ett1 oirs of] oa11 Plo~tnig ht jo an Plowright


24 ANDREW B ISWELL Th e Flam e of Advenwre Simon Yat es 25 CHR IS H EATH On Snooker: Th e Cam e and th e Characters

Who Pl ay I t Morde ca i Ri c hter 26 DAVID PR OFUMO ON FI SHIN G





30 S IMON HEFF ER Roundh ea d R eprttatiolls B l air Worden 32 A NDREW LY CE TT Scltttit z ler's Ce 11tttry Pet e r Ga y 33 D ONALD CAMER ON WATT Bomb er Harri s: Hi s Life and

Tim es Henr y Prob ert 34 MI CHAEL CARVER Warrior Race Lawrence J ames 35 DouGLA S j O HN SON A Forer~~ n Fi eld Ben M ac int y re

37 ADAM LEBOR U tifill es t H ottr: Britain a11d th e D es tm ction of Bosnia Brendan Simm.s 38 MARK MA ZOWER Pal es tin e Twiltg ht Edward Fox 40 STEPHEN AMIDON The Metaphysica l Cl11b: A Story of

Id eas in America Louis Menand

Editor: NANCY SLAD EK Dep141)1 Editor: THOMAS H ODGK INSON Editorial A ssistant: CHARLIE CAMPBELL

Cett eral A ss istant: ELEANOR PEERS Co11trib14tirrg Editor: SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEA RE Busi11ess & Advertising lvlanager: ROB ERT POSNER

Formding Editor: DR ANNE MITH Formding Fath er: AUBERON WAUGH

Cover illustratiotĀ·r by Cltris Ridde/1

lsSt.l e no . 282/283

LITERARY REVIEW Dec 2001 / jan 2002

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