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TH IS MONTH'S PULPIT is written by Simon Heffer, th e biograph er of Enoch Powell, Thomas Carlyle and Vaughan Williams. H e is still thinking what to write neJ>.'t.

jOHN A DAMSON is a Fe llow of Peter house, Cambridge . H e is the editor of The Princely Co urt s of Europe: Ritual, Politics, and Religion 1111der the Andeu Regi111e, 1500-1750, publish e d by W e idenfeld and Nicolson; and a prolific review er and critic. His new book on politi cs during the English C ivil War, T11e Noble Revolt, will appear later this year.

RuTH PADEL's poetry co lle c tion , Voodoo Shop (C hatto & Windus £8.99), reflecti ng her continuing preoccupation with matters of the heart, is published this monrh. She ha s recently had a poem printed in Tat/er.

RICHARD RAY is writing a history of American literature for Blackwell .

j OAN SMITH's Moralities will be publi shed in paperba ck by Penguin in May, with a new c hapter abo ut September 11. She is writing a novel.

FELIPE FE R ANDEZ-ARMESTO is a Professorial Fellow of Queen Mary, University of London. His las t book was Food: A History (Macmillan). His next , Th e A111ericas: A He111isphe ric History, will be published this year in the USA by Random House.

CHARLES GIBSON is u suall y to be found prowling abo ut the vast Baroque library of his seve nteenthce ntur y Oratory in Naple s. A defender of eccen tri c it y in all its fonns, he ca n be relied upon to find a cheap horel in the cerllro s10rico for Lit erary R ev iew co ntributors a nd fl edglin g novelists in need. H e is to be see n in Victori;m clerical dress o n hor summ er afternoons.






4 RI CHARD GOTT Islam's Black Slaves: A H istory of Africa's

Other Bla ck Diaspora Ronald Segal 5 ALI STA IR HORNE Th e Road to Verdun: Franc e,

Nationalism and th e First World War l an Ousby 7 PAUL J OHNSON Unholy War: Th e Vatican's Rol e in th e

Rise of Modern Anti-Semitism David Kertzer 9 JOHN ADAMSO The Culture of Power and the Pow er of

Culture: Old Reg im e Europe 1660-1789 T C W Blann i ng 13 FELIPE FERNANDEZ-ARMESTO American Co lonies A l an

Taylor 14 FRANK M c LYN Blood Feud : Murder and Revenge in.

An.g lo-Sa xon. England Richard Fletcher 15 SEBA ST IAN SHAKESPEARE Th e R ea l Odessa: H ow Per6n

Brot1ght the azi War Criminals to Arg entina Uki Gon i

16 PAMELA N ORRIS Thomas & Jan e Carlyle: Portrait of a

Marriage Rosemary Ashton 18 CATHERINE PETERS The Kindn ess of Sisters: An.n.abella

Milban.k e and the D estruction of th e Byron s David Crane 19 RuTH PADEL Th e Chameleon Po et: A Life of Ceorge

Bark er Robert Fraser 20 FRAN CES WILSON Carson. McCu/lers: A Life josyane

Savig n eau 22 HUMPHREY CARPENTER To/ki e t~: A Biography Mic h ae !

White 23 Huco VI CKERS Isa dora: The Sensational Life of Jsa dora

Dun.can Peter Kurth 24 A C GRAYLING Th e Gatekeeper: A Memoir Terry Eagleton

26 jEREMY LEWIS Works on. Pap er Michael H o l royd 27 jOAN SMITH Where the Stress Fall s S u san Sontag 28 ALLAN MASSIE Something to D ecla re Julian Barnes 28 RI CHARD GRAY Of Men. and Th eir Making: The Se lecte d

Non-Fiction. ofJohn Steit~beck (Ed) Susan S hillin g l aw and ] ackson ] Benson 30 D] TAYLOR Pandora's Handbag: Adventures ir1 the Book

World Elizabeth Young


Editor: NANCY SLADEK Dep uty Editor: THOMAS HODGKINSON Editoria l A ss istant: CHARLIE CAMPBELL

General A ss ista,.zt : ELEANOR PEERS Contributir1g Editor: SEBASTIA SHAKESPEARE Business & Advertising Manager: R OBERT PosNER

Founding Editor: DR ANNE SMITH Founding Father: AUBERON W AUGH

Cover illustration by Chris Riddell

Issue no. 284

LITERARY REVIEW Feb ruary 2002

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