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THIS MONTH'S PULPI T is Wl;tte n b y Fe l ip e Fe rnand ez- A r me s to , Professo 1; a1 Fe ll ow of Qu ee n Mary, Lo nd on. Hi s b oo k s include CiJ,ilizatio ll s and , most recently. Food: A 1-fi srory . H e is w ri ti ng a history of the co ncep t of hum ankind.

DAVII) P ~YCE-J ONES is Seni r Edi tor of Nario11al Re11ieu>, and au thor of The War thar J\ .eJ>cr I Vas: The Fall of th e So11ie t Empire 1985-91, available in paperback from Phoenix .

j ULIE WHEELWRIGHT is the a uth or of Amazo11s a11d Military ,\ / aids: Womm who Dressed as ,\Jell i11 Pursuit of L[{c, Liberry a11d Happiuess (Rivers Oram Press / Pandora).

H AZHIR TEIMOUR IA li sten s tO th e Th:umos evety moming between 6 and 7.

ALAN PALMER's m ost rece nt book , Napolcou a11d ,\ l ari e Louise, is p ubli s h e d by Cons t ab l e. H e is w 1;ting a histo 1y of the 13 alri c.

J ANFT GLEESON is th e auth or of T)J e Arca11u1U . H er novel TI1r Cmwdil/o Box was pubLished by Ban r.1m in March.

M ICII AE L BURLEIGH h as observed th e Ameri ca n inte lli gence and mil itary establ ish ments at close quarters from the va ntag e poinr of Wa s h ington & Le e Un i vers i t y in Lcxingron, Virginia.

SAM LEITH is the New Y o rk corrcspondem of the Daily T&;~~mph.

GRAHAM H UTC'HINGS, China Correspondent of the Daily Teh;eraph fi-om 1987 to 1998 , is the au t hor of Mod em Chitw: A Compa11io11 to a Risi11g POII'er (P e ngu in Press).

AAM ER H USSEIN's third coUectio n of s h o rt s tori es, Turquoise. w il l be published in Septem b er by Saqi.



SECOND WORLD WAR 4 M AX E GREMONT B erlin : Th e Dolllnfa/1 , 1945 Antony




RI CHARD OVER Y D efy ing H itl er : A M emoir Seba s t i an H affner MI CHA EL ARD ITT I Mag da Co ebb els A nja Klab u nde





9 FRAN CIS WYNDH AM Tir e Girl from tir e Fiction

D eparfmmt: A Portrait of Sonia Orw e/1 H i l a r y Sp u r li ng 11 ANTH ONY DANIELS In the Land of Pain Alph onse

D a u d e t 12 RI CHARD GRAY Hart Crane: A L ife C li ve Fi sher 14 SAM LE ITH A 11 to Da Fay: Ar1 Autob iography Fay

We! don 15 P ATR ICK O 'CONNOR D et·t tOI1 Welch: Writ er and Artist

J ames Methuen-Campbe ll

17 SARA WHEELER The A rt of Travel A l ain d e Botton 18 CHRISTOPHER ONDAATJE In S ea rch of King Solomon's

Min es Ta hir S h a h 20 CHARLES FI TZROY Floren ce : A D eli ca te Case David

L e av i t t

21 jULIE WHEELWRIGHT S ca nty Partiwlars: Th e Life of

Dr J arnes Barry R achel H olmes 22 BEL INDA j ACK Cami/le Clar.rd el: A L ife Odil e Ayra l

C iause 24 j EREMY LE WIS Funny , Pecu liar: Th e Tn< e Story of Benny

Hill M a rk Lewiso h n 26 S IMON H EFFER H ere Today, Cone Tomorrow: R eco ll ec tion s of an Errarrt Politi cian J ohn Nott 28 AIDAN HARTLEY Bifore th e Knife Ca r o ly n Sla u g h ter Don't

Let's Go to tlze Dogs Tonig ht Alexa n dra F ull e r Th e Dev il that D anced on th e Water Aminatta Forna

30 BRY A APPL EYARD Tir e W orld W e're l n W ill Hutton 32 GRAHAM HUT CHIN GS Bad E lement s : Chinese R ebels from

L os Ange les to Beiji rtg ! a n B uru ma Th e C hina Drea m: Tir e Elu sive Qu es t for the Great es t Untapped Mark et 011 Earth Joe Studwell 34 MI CHA EL BURLE IGH War in a Tim e of Peace: Bu sh ,

Clinfon and th e G eneral s David H a lb e r s tam


Editor: NANCY SLADEK Deptll }' Editor: THOMAS HODGKINSON Editorial Assistant: C HARLI E CAMPI3ELL

Ce11eral Assistant: ELEAN OR PEERS Co 11tributi11g Editor: SEBAST IAN SHAKESPEARE Business & Ad1Jert isir1g Matwger: R OI3ER.T POSNER

Fotmding Editor: DI~ ANNE SM ITH Foundi11g Fat/r er: AUI3ERON W AUG H

Cover i l!~t s tratioll by Clrris Ridde/1

Iss t-te 11 0. 287

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