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THI S MONTH'S PULP IT is written by Andrew Roberts, author of Erninenr C lwrchillians and Sal isbury: Vioorian Titan. H is Napo leon & WelliiiJ(ton, w hi c h was c hosen as 200 1 Book of the Y ea r no f e w e r than e leve n t im es, ha s ju st b ee n pub li sh e d in pap e rba c k. H e wi ll b e pr ese ntin g BBC2's landmark hi sto ry se ri es for Spring 2003. Hi s we bsit e ca n b e found on - w he re he craves visi tors.

M AX EGREMONT, w ho has written va riou s bio g raphi es and novels , is wo rkin g on a full-length stud y of Siegfried Sassoon.

M E YAPP is Em e ritu s Professo r of the M odern Hi sto r y of W es t e rn As ia, University of Lo nd o n.

LYNDA LL GOR.DON is working on a biograph y of Mary Wollstonecraft.

SHERJDAN M o R.LEY's Spectator ar rhe Th ea tre is publish ed by Oberon ; hi s authorised biograph y ofJ ohn Gielgud is now available in Sceptre pape rback, and in O ctober H odde r will publi sh his m emoirs, Askingfor Trouble.

M AR TIN BOOT H is th e auth o r o f biographi es of Al eiste r C rowley and Arthur Conan Doyle. H e is currentl y resea rc hing his new book, Cmwabis: A History.

FR.A NCES SPALDING is w ritin g a j o int bio g raph y of J o hn an d M yfa n wy Pip e r. H e r Gwe11 Ravera t was publi shed las t yea r by the Harvill Press.

J OHN GR IBBIN's Scie nce: A History w ill be published by Ali e n Lan e late r thi s yea r.

PETER N AS MYTH is the auth or of Georgia, in th e Mountain s of Po etr y (C ur zo n Pr ess), and eo-owner of Prospero's Bookshop.







4 R oGER S c RUTON jana ce k Mirk a Zemanova

5 J W M THOMP SON The C hi ef: Th e Lrfe of Williarn

R ando lph H earst D av id Na s aw 7 ANDREW TAYLOR O ld Thund er: A Life of Hilair e B ell oc

J o se p h P ea rc e 9 J O HN GR IBB IN Faraday : Th e Lrfe James Hamilton 10 WILLI AM PALM ER D eep in a Drea m: The Long N ight of

C lret Bak er J ames Gavin 11 SH ER. IDAN M O R.LEY C lark Cab le: A Bi og raphy Warren G

H arr i s 12 ALEXANDER WA UG H A Rage for R ock Gard ening : T ir e tory of R eg inald Farrer, Gardene r, Writ er and Plant Co ll ecto r Nicol a Shulma n

14 C HARLES SAUMAREZ SMITH Th e Prefe rence for th e

Primiti ve: Episo de s in the Hi s tory of Western A rt and Tas te E H Gombrich 16 MI R.ANDA SEYMOUR Mark C er tl er S a rah M acDo u ga l l 17 fRAN CES SPA LD ING D aemons and Angels: A Life of j acob

Ep s tein Jun e R ose

19 M E Y APP What Weu.t Wrong? The C las lr betwew Isla111

and M odernity in tir e Middl e East Bern a rd L ew i s 21 M AX E GR.E MONT Ti re Firs t World War Mi c h ae l Howard 22 RI C HARD Ov ER.Y Th e S lri eld of Achilles Phi li p Bobbitt 24 J O HN SPURLI NG Tir e Boer War D e n i s Judd a nd K e i th

Su rridg e 25 TIM H EA LD Fir st Lig lrt: Th e Tru e Story of th e Boy Who

B eca me a Man. in th e War Tom Ski es Above Britain. Geoffrey W e l lum

27 M AR TIN B OOT H S amurai Wi/liam: The Adventurer Who

Un locke d j apan Gil es Milton 28 CHR ISTOP HER O NDAATJ E Captain Cook: Ob sess ion and

B etraya l in th e New World Vanessa Colli n gridge 30 NI GE L W i NSER Da vid Livir1gs tone : Mi ss io11 a11d E111pire

Andr e w C Ro ss 31 CHARLIE CAMPBELL S ee king R obin so 11 Cmsoe Tim

Se v erin


Editor: N ANCY SLADEK Depr

Business Manager: R OBERT P OSNER Advertising Marrager: T ER.R Y fi NNEGAN

Founding Editor: DR AN E SM ITH Founding Fat/z er: AUB ERO W AUG H

Cover illu stration by Clrris R idde/1

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