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THIS MONTH'S PULP IT is written by Fe l ip e Fe rnandez-A r mesto , Professo rial Fe ll ow of Queen Mary, Lo ndon. Hi s book s i n clude C ivili za rion s a nd , mo st r ece ntl y, Fo od: A H isto ry. He is writing a history of the co ncept of humankind.

0 0NALD R AYF IELD is th e auth o r of A nron C hek hov: A Life (H arperCo ll in s). H e is wo rkin g o n a book called Stali11 a11d the Hangme11.

GIL ES M ACDONOG H h as w ritt e n h.isrori es of Pru ss ia and Berhn as well as biographies of Frederi ck the G reat and Kaise r William 11.

RACHEL H OLMES's Scanry Parriw/ars: The L ife of Dr Jam es Barry h as just been pubhshed by Viking.

C HR. IS RIDDELL, whose beautiful drawings g ra ce our covers, has just wo n th e pr es ti g iou s C l LIP Kat e Greenaway M edal for his illustration of The Pirate Diary by Richard Platt . Since 1995, he has bee n a pohri cal cartoonist for th e Observer, w here he has outlasted four edito rs.

B EV IS H ILLI ER., fo rm e rl y Editor of The Co mw iss wr, is the au th o r of twenty- fi ve books on the a rt s. His authorised biography of John B e tj e man w ill be publi sh ed in the au tumn by J o hn Murra y.

0 0NALD CAMER.ON WATT is Emeritus P rofesso r of Inte rn atio nal Hisrory at th e London c h oo l of Economics and a fellow of th e British Academ y.

V ANESSA COLLING IUDGE is the author of Captain Cook : Obsession and Berrayal i11 rhe New World (Ebury Press) .

ALAN WOLFE teaches politi cal sc ien ce at Boston College and is th e author of Moral Freedom CV/ W Norton).









4 D ON ALD RAYFIELD D osto evs ky: Th e Mantl e of th e

Proph et 1871 - 1881 Joseph Frank 6 ALAN W O LFE Ma s ter of the S enate: Th e Y ea rs of Lyndon

J ohnson, Volum e 3 Robert A Caro 8 ALLAN MA SS IE Following H adrian: A Second - Centu ry

J ourney through the Roman Empire E l i zabet h Spe l l e r 10 S IMON NIX ON Amedeo: A Tru e Story of L ove an d War in

Abyssinia Seba s t ian O 'Ke l l y 11 V ANESSA COLLIN GR ID GE M ercat or: The Ma n who Mapped the Plan et Nichola s Crane 12 WILLIAM P AL MER A Wounded Thing Must H ide: In

Search of Libbi e Custer J eremy Poo l man


17 HA Z HIR TEIM O URIAN Paki sta n: Eye of the Storm Owe n

Ben n ett J ones 18 G ILES MACDONOGH Wilful Murd er: Th e Sinking of th e

Lu s itania Diana P r es t on 20 J W M THOMPSON Th e Pilg rimage of Grace: Th e

R ebelhon that Shook H en ry V IJI 's Thron e G eo ffr ey Moore ho u se

21 J OHN ADAM SON Virgins of Venice Mary Laven 22 D OUG LA S JOHN SON Th e Great Nation: Fran ce from Louis

XV to Napoleon 17 15-99 Co l in Jones 23 S IMON HEFFER In Churchill 's Shadow: Confronting the

Pa st in Modern Britain David Cannadine 25 D ONA LD CAMERON W ATT Th e S ec ret H istory of PWE,

th e Politi ca l Warfare Executive, 1939-1945 David Garne t t

27 P ETER WA SHIN GTON Th e Comp lete Work s of W H

Auden: Pro se, Vo l Il , 1939-1948 (Ed) Edward Mend e lson

29 ANDREW TAYLOR Th e Power of Babe/ Jo h n

M cWhorterLang 14age in Dar1ge r Andrew D a lb y Lost Lang uages Andrew Robinson

31 CHRISTOPHER SILVE STE R Film Journal Ev e Arno l d 32 SHERIDAN MORLEY Korda : Bri tai n 's Only Movi e Mog ul

Cha r les Draz i n


Editor: NA NCY SLADEK Deputy Editor: THOMAS H ODGK INSON Editorial Assistant: CI-IAR_LJ E CAMPBELL Co11tributing Editor: SEBASTIA N SHAKESPEARE

Business Manager: R OBERT POSNER Advertising Manager: TERRY FI NNEGAN

Founding Editor: DR. A NNE SM ITH Foundirlg Father: AUBERON W AUG H

Cover illu stration by Chris Riddell issue no. 290

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