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TH IS MONTH'S PULP IT is written by John Gross, formerly Editor of the TLS, and currently Theatre C riti c of the Su11day Telegmph. H is most recent book, After Shakespeare, is published by Oxford University Pre s.

LINDSEY H UGHES is Professor of Ru ss ian Hi story at th e School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London. H er Perer the Great: A Bio,~raphy was recently publi s hed by Yale University Press.

ADAM SISMAN's BosuJCII 's PreS11111p/llous Task was published by Penguin last year. He is now working on a book about the friend hip between Wordsworth and oleridge.

G ILLIAN 0ARL EY's johu Soa11e is available in paperback from Ya le University Press. She is engaged in writing a life ofJ o hn Evelyn.

PATRICK FrtENC H's new book Tib er, Tiber will b e published by HarperCollin s in Mar c h . H e is at work on the biography of VS Naipaul.

J3 ERNARD W ASSERSTE IN is Professo r of Hi s tory at the University of G la gow and author of Brirai11 a11d rhe Jews of Europe 1939-1945 (Cassell) as we ll as m any other books.

CHR.ISTABEL K1 G lec tures in broadcast journalism at City Unive rsity , London. Formerly , sh e presente d television news for the BBC World Service and was Africa correspondent of the Daily Telegraph .

M ARK ALMO ND is Lecturer 1n Mod e rn Hi story at Oriel College, Oxfo r d. Hi s most r ecent book , Uprisi 11.~!, i s publi shed by Mitchcll 13cazley.









4 FRANK GILES Napo /eo 11 's Men: The So ldi ers of 1h e

Revol11tion a11d Empire Alan Forrest Napo leon : H is Wives a11d Wo111e11 Christopher Hibbert Napo/eo11 Paul John son 6 S IMON H EFFER Lloyd G eo rge: War Leader John Grigg 9 MARK ALMOND Milosevic: A Biography Adam LeBor

11 ME YAPP Th e Indi a11 M 11 ti11y 185 7 Saul David

12 FR ANK M C LY NN The Terror Befo re Trafa lgar : Ne/ so11,

Napoleo11 a11d the Secret War Tom P ocock 14 B ERNARD WASSERSTE IN Ge11 eratio11 Exodus: T/1e Fat e of

You11g J ewis h R ef11gees fro I l l az i Ger111any Waiter Laq u e ur Tl1e H itler E111igres: Th e C 11itllral I111 pact of Britai11 of Refug ees from Na z is 111 David Snowman

16 PATRI CK FRENCH The Writer a11d t/1e World VS aipau l

18 ADAM SJSMA Sa111u e/ Pepys: The U11eq11alled elf C laire

Toma l in 19 PHJLJP Z IEGLER The Asq11iths Colin Clifford 21 Lu c v LETHBR IDGE Gli111pses of the Wo11deif11/: The L ife of Philip H en ry Gosse Ann Thwaite 22 G ILLIA DARLEY Th e Ma 11 W /10 K11 ew Too M11ch: Th e

Stra11ge and illll ell ti ve Life of Robert Hook e '1635-1703 Stephen ln wood 24 CHRISTOPHER BRAY De iro: A Bio,~rap l1y John Baxtcr

Mr Stra11ge/ove: A Biograpl1y of Pe1er S ell ers Ed Sikov 25 J ESS JCA M ANN Thi11gs My Mother e11er Told Me Bl ake


26 PATRI CK MARNHAM The Se11eu Ages of Paris: Portrait of a City Alistair Horne 28 LJND SEY HU GHES Natasha's Da11 ce: A Cultura l Hi s tory of

Ru ss ia Orlando Fig es 30 CHARLES ALLEN White Mll,f!, !Jal s: Love and Betrayal i11

Eightewt/1 - Century In dia William Dalrymple

31 KATHR Y H UGHES Feast: A History of Grand Eati11g

Roy Strong 32 GEORD IE GR.EIG Sca11da/: A Swrrilo11s H istory of Gossip,

'/ 700-2000 R oger Wi lk es


Editor: NA NCY SLAI EK Deputy Editor: THOMAS H ODGKI SO Editorial Assistalll: CHARLIE CAMPBELL

Cmeral Assista111 : DAV ID GELBER Co111rib11ti11g Edi10r: SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEAR.E


Founding Editor: OR ANNĀ£ SM ITH Fo~

Cove r ilh1S1ratio11 by Chris R.idde/1

Iss ue 110 . 292

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