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THIS MONTH' PULPIT is writte n by R oge r Scruton, a writer a nd phi losopher. His most rece nt book, The West and th e Res t, is pub lish ed by Continuum.

J OHN BAYLEY i a Fe l low of St a th e rine 's Co ll ege, Oxford. H is chird tn enl o ir, rtV; dOiver's HoHse, was published last yea r by Duckworrh .

FRANCES SPALDING's Cwen Rnverat: Friwds, Family and Affecti ons is publish ed by th e H arv ill Press. She is w ritin g a joint biograp hy ofJohn and M yfa nwy Pipe r.

HA ZH IR T EIMOURIA wr it es o n Islamic hi rory and po liti cs.

LILI AN PI ZZ ICH INI's Dead Men's Wa)?eS, winner of the C WA M aca ll an ,old Dagger Non-Fiction Award, is published by Pi cador.

M ARK M AZOWER is writing abo ur a lonica.

WIL LIAM PALMER is th e author of fi ve no ve l s, the latest being The Pardon of aint Anne Oonathan Cape). H e is working on a tri logy of novels se t in th e "1 950s.

JONATHA MlR KY, usually interested in C hina, has a thing for geis ha.

PATRICIA 0 UNCKER's latest novel is Til e Deadly Space Between (Pi cado r).

ADAM LEBoR's Milosevic: A Biography is published by Bloomsbury .

TAHIR SHAH is th e author of four trav e l book s, th e m ost r ecen t of which is l11 Search of King Solomo11's Mines Qo hn Murray). H e is cu rrentl y making a film abo ut Calcutta.

G s R ouSSEAU i s r~ esearc h Professo r of t he Humaniti es at D e Montforr Universiry.

J ESS ICA MA N's most recent n ovel, T1 1e Voicefrom the Crave, is publish ed by Constable. Sh e is no w writing a history of th e overseas evacuatio n of c hildr en during the Second W o rld W ar.

MI CHAEL GR IFFIN is the au th or of Rea ping tlte Whirlwi11d: Th e Taliban Movement in Ajglwnistan (Piuto) .





4 PAUL J OHN SO N Sir Wa iter Ra/eig h Ra l e ig h T r eve l yan 6 AIDAN HARTLEY My Ltje a11d Trave ls : A11 Antho logy

Wi l fr e d Thesiger 8 HAZI-I lR T EIMOURIAN Th e Trav els of Jbn Balllttah (Ed)

Tim M ac kintos h -Smith 10 CHR ISTOP HER O NDAATJE White Rajah: A Bi og raphy of

S ir Janus Bro oke Ni ge l Barl ey

LIT ERARY BIOGRAPHY 12 DANIEL J OHN SON Thorn as Mar1n: Life as a Work of Art


16 17 18 19

- A Biography H e rmann Kur zk e

J OHN BAYLEY J olm Betje man : New Far11 e, New Lov e B ev is Hilli e r ADAM SI SMAN Wordsworth: A Life i11 L ett ers Juli e t Barker W ILLLAM PALM ER Briall Moore: A Biograp hy P a tri c ia Craig M ARK MA ZOWER Cavafy: A Biog rap hy Robert Lid d e ll FRAN CIS Kr G Quentin and Philip: A D ouble Portrait Andrew Barrow ffi STORY






fEL l PE FER NAN DEZ-ARM ESTO 1421: Th e Y ea r China Discovered the World Gavin M e nzi es DE NN IS SEWELL A Moral R ec koni11g : Th e R ole of th e Catholic Church in rhe Ho locaJ,tst and I rs Utifulji/l ed D uty of R epa ir Dani e l Jonah Goldhagen

24 AN W rL ON joh11 H enry Newma r·r: T he Cha ll e11ge to

Evangelica l R eligio11 Frank M Turn er 25 FRANK GILE S Atheuai"s: Th e R ea l Queen of Fran ce Lisa

Hilton Th e Lo st King of France D ebo rah Cadbury 27 THOMAS H ODGK!NSON Ma x Bee rbohm: A Kind of a Life

N John H a ll 28 G S Rou ssEAU Charles D am1in: The Power of Pla ce

Vohtme Il of a Bi ograp /1y J a n e t Brown e 30 PATRI CK O 'CONNOR Bellir1i: Life, Tim es, Mu sic Stel i os

Galatopou los 31 N!K OLA I T OLSTOY Th e R o111 a11ovs a11d Mr Gibbes Fran ces

W e l c h 33 G EORD IE GR EIG j oyce Grenfe/1 Jani e H ampton 34 ALEX CLARKE Wicked Ernesr J ohn W a rdrop e r

3 7 S IMON HEFFER Th e Lasr Diaries: In and Our of th e

Wild ertless Alan Clark 39 PETER WASHIN GTON G enius Haro ld Bloom 41 SEBA ST IAN SHAKESPEARE ON H ESPE RUS


Ediror: NANCY SLADEK Deputy Editor: CHAR.LIE CAMPBELL Ce~teral Assistant: BENJAM IN DAVIS Contributitrg Editor: SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE

Busi11 ess Mm-rager: R OBERT POSNER A dvertisi11g Manager: T ERRY FI NNEGAN

Fou11di11g Editor: DR ANNE SM ITH Fo11ndi11g Father: AUBERON WAUGH

Cover illustration by Chris Ridde/1

Issue 110. 2941295

LITERARY REVIEW Dec 2002 / Jan 2003

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