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THIS MONTH 'S PULPIT is writte n by Tim Waterston e, th e founder of W ate rsto ne's.

R OGER SCRUTON is a write r and philoso ph e r. His most rece nt book , The West and the R est, is published by Continuum.

J AN M ORR IS ha s wri t t e n h e r last b ook, Trie ste and the Meaning of Nowhere, and is busy co mpilin g a retro sp ec t iv e co ll ect i o n , to b e published by Faber in th e autumn .

j ONAT HA N KEATES is a biograp h e r of Stendhal. H e is currentl y working on a s tud y of th e V e n e t i an revo luti o n of 1848.

ANNE SOMERSET is th e author of Eliz abeth I (Phoenix Press). H er new book, 17te Affair i f the Poiso11s, set in Louis X lV 's court, will be publish ed next year by W e idenfeld & Nicolson.

ALLAN M ASS IE's novel about Vi chy Fran ce , A Question of Loyalties , has r ece ntl y be e n rep ubli s h e d In Cano ngate C lass ics.

HAZHIR T EIMOURIAN is a commentator specia li sin g in th e Middle East.

RI HARD OVERY is Professor of Mode rn History at King's Coll ege, Londo n. Hi s m os t recent book, illt erroga tioiiS: Th e Nazi Elite in A llied Hauds, 1945, is publi shed by Ali en Lane .

AID AN HARTLEY's first book, Th e Zanzibar C hes t , w hi c h wi ll be publi sh e d b y H arpe r Co l l in s thi s summ e r , includ es e nco unte rs w i th seve ra l Afri ca n di c ta to rs. H e o nce made it his business to rootle around tyrants' pal aces afte r tl1 ey were ove rthrown , w here he drank th eir finest wines, tri ed out their beds for comfort and stole tro phi es from among th e ir belongi ngs. H e also saved Emperor Hail e Selassie's las t surviving li on fro m d y in g of starvati on in it s cage b y brin g in g i t m ea t fr o m the Addi s Ababa Hilton after th e Communi st lea der Mengistu was ousted in 1991.


l l lSTORY







4 J AN M O RRIS Empire: H ow Britain Made the Mod ern





Wo rld Ni a l l F erg u son

RI C HARD OvER Y Hitl er and Churchi ll : Secrets of L ea dership Andrew Rob erts ALLAN MA SS IE Adventurers and Exiles: Th e Great Scottish Exod us M arjo r y H arper MA X E GRE MONT Hitl er and th e Power of Aesthetics Frederic Spotts SIMON H EFFER The Strugg le for E urop e: Th e Hi story of th e Cor1tinent s in ce 1945 William I Hit c h coc k

11 H AZHIR TEIMOURIAN Saddam: Th e S ecre t Life Co n

Co u g hlin 12 WILLIAM P ALMER ] esse J ames : La st Reb el of th e Civ il

War T J Stiles 14 AID AN HARTLEY Talk of the D ev il: Encounters with Seven

Dictators Riccardo Orizio


19 FRAN CES SPALDIN G From Life: j ulia Marga ret Ca meron and Vi ctorian Photog raphy Victoria Olsen julia Margaret Cameron: A Criti cal Biography Co l in Ford 20 j ESS ICA MANN L ove and Dirt: Th e Marriage of Artlwr

Munby and H annah Cullwick Diane Atkinson 21 ANN E S O MERSET Arb ella: Eng land's L ost Queen Sarah

G ri stwood

23 j O NATHAN KE ATES Veni ce: Frag il e City 1797-1997

M argaret Plant Venices Paul M ora nd Aga in st Venice Regis Debray 24 RI C HARD GOTT The Empress of South America: The Tru e

Sto ry of Eli z a L ynch Nigel Cawt h o rn e Th e Shadows of E li z a Lytuh Si a n R ees At the Tomb of the Infla tab le Pig: A Riotou s j ourney into the H ea rt of Parag uay John G iml e t t e 26 RI C HARD D owOEN Dark Star Safar i: Overland from

Cairo to Cape Town P a ul Therou x 2 7 GILES MA CD ONOG H Th e Far-Farers: A j ourney from

V iking Icelan d to C ru sa der j eru sa letn Vi c toria C l ark


Editor: N ANCY SLADEK Deputy Editor: CHAR.LIE CAMPB ELL General Assistat·ll: ALAN R.AFF ERTY Contributing Editor: SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE

Business Marwger: R OBERT P OSNER Advertising Manager: TERRY FI NNEGAN

Fou ndir1g Editor: DR ANNE SMI TH Founding Fath er: AUUERON WAUGH

Cover illustratiofl by Orris Ridde/1

Iss ue tw. 296


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