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THIS MONTH 'S PUL PIT is w ritte n by Al exa nd e r Waugh, th e auth o r o f Tim e a nd God. H e is c urr e ntl y w orkin g on a hi sto ry o f th e fa ther a nd son r e lation s hip ove r fo ur gen erations of his family .

DONALD RAYFIELD is the author of Anton C hekho": A Life (1997) and U nd erstanding Chekh o" (1999) . He has just completed a study, Stali11 and th e Ha11gmen.

ELAI NE SH OWALTER is Profess or of En g li sh at Prince ton. H e r mo s t r ece nt book , !tn~e nting H e rse lf: C laiming a Femir1i s t lt~t e ll ec tlla! H eritage , is published by Pi cador.

jUSTIN MAROZZI obse rv ed Filipino ladyboys at close qu arte rs w hen he was th e FT s Manila correspo nd ent in th e lat e Nin e ti es. H e is n ow writin g a hi s tor y of Tam e rl a ne fo r H arperCollins.

P ETE R WA SHINGT ON is G e n e ral Editor of Everyman's Library.

TIM RI CE is thi s year 's Ca m e ron M ac kinto sh Vi siting Professo r of C ont e mpor a r y Th ea tr e a t St C ath erin e's C oll ege , O xfo rd. H e is afraid of fl yin g.

FR AN K M c LYNN 's m os t r ece nt bo ok , Wago ns W es t, is publi shed by Jonathan C ap e .

j ONATHAN KEATES is a biograph er o f Stendhal. H e is workin g on a study of th e Venerian revolution o f 1848 .

A C GRAY LI NG 's lates t boo k , Wh at Is G ood ' Th e S earch fo r th e Best Way to Li"e, is published by W eid enfeld & Ni co lson this month.

MARTYN B EDFORD is a nove list and lec ture r in c reati ve w ritin g a t th e Uni versi ty of M anchester.








4 CHARLES SAUMAR.EZ SMITH Jo shua R eynolds : Th e Life


and Tim es of th e First Pres id ent of the Royal Academy Ia n Mclntyre 5

PATR.I C K O'CoNNOR. Puccini: A Biography Mary Jane P h i l l ips - Matz Edgard Varese Al a n Clayson SIMON HEFFER. Prokofiev: From Russia to the West 1891 1935 David Nice

9 PETER WA SHINGTON Siegfri ed Sa ss oon: Th e j ourney from th e Tren ches - A Biography (1918-196 7) Jean Moorcroft Wil s on

11 FRANK M CLYNN Searching for John Ford: A Life Joseph

McBrid e 13 PHILIP OAKE S Fear and Loathing in Fit z rovia: The

Bi z arr e Life of Writer, A ctor , Soho Dandy Julian Maclar en- Ross Paul Wi l l etts 15 JONATHAN K EATES La st of th e Dandi es : The Scandalou s

Life and E scapad es of Count d 'Orsay Nick Fou l kes 16 JONATHAN MIR. SKY Four Si sters of Hofei Annping Chin 18 J W M THOMPSON Elu s iv e Rothsc hi ld: The Life of Vi ctor ,

Third Baron Kenneth Rose

19 MI C HAEL PROWS£ A I Qa eda attd What It Mean s to Be

Mod ern John Gray 20 RI CHARD OVER. Y Stalin 's Last Critn e : The Do ctors' Plot

Jonath a n Brent and Vladimir P Naumov


27 GR.AHAM STEWAR.T Cha s ing Churchill: The Trav els of

Winston Churchill Celia Sandys 28 DENNI S SEWELL Reefer Madn ess Eric Schl osser 30 JU STIN MAR.OZ Z I The Third Sex : Katho ey- Thailand 's

Ladyboys Richard Totman 3 1 CHR.I STO PH ER. ONDAATJE Count de Mauny: Fri end of

Royalty S Chomet


Editor: NANCY SLADEK Deputy Editor: CHARLIE CAMPB ELL General A ss istant: ALAN RAFFERTY Contributir·1g Editor: SEBASTLAN SHAKES PEARE

Business Manager: ROBERT P OSNER. Advertising Martager: TERRY FINNEGAN

Founding Editor: DR ANNE SMITH Founding Fath er: AUBERON WAUGH

Cover illu stration by Chris Riddell

Issue no. 299

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