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THIS MONTH 'S PULPIT is writte n by Kathtyn Hugh es. H er most re cent book, George Eliot: TI1e Last Victoriar1 (Fo urth Estate) , won the James Tait Black Prize. She is now working on a biography ofMrs Beeton.

P ETER STANSKY's most recent b ook, Sassoo11: Th e World s of Phi lip and Sybi l , i s published by Y a l e University Press. H e t eac he s a t Stanford Univers ity .

MICHAEL PROWSE writes a column for th e Finar1 cial Times. H e is writing a book abo ut mark e ts and individuali s m , w hi c h will be published by Atlantic.

J ON ATHAN M IRSKY i s a lm ost as interested in H ong Kong as in Geishas.

JOHN LAUGHLAND's book on th e international c riminal tribun a l for th e former Yugo s lavia w i l l b e published in Paris next month.

AID AN HAR TL EY's The Zan z ibar Chest: A Memoir of Love and War will be publi s h ed in Jul y by HarperCollins.

ROB ERT CHANDLER's translation s of Andrey Pl a tonov , the fruit o f unusually exte nsive collaboration with both English an d Russian translators and scholars, are publish ed by Harvill .

G IL ES FI TZ HERBE RT s tood for Parliament in Fem1anagh and South Tyrone in 1964.

SHERIDAN M OR LEY is the the a tre critic of th e New S ta tes ma11 and o f TI1e h1tematioual Herald Tribu11e. H e is currently working on a history of th e Brits in Hollywood.

JAMES DELJN GPOLE 's new nov e l , TI1inly Disguised Autobiography, will be published by Picador next month.









4 P ETER STANSKY Orwell: The Life DJ Taylor Ceorge

Orwell Gordon Bowker 6 JE SS ICA MANN Beautiful Shadow: A Life of Patricia

Hig hsmith Andrew Wilson 7 SELINA HA ST INGS Ros e Macaulay Sarah LeFanu 8 PETER WASHINGTON Da vi d ]on es: Writer and Artist

Keith Alldritt

10 JU STIN MAROZZ I Parting th e D eser t: Th e Creat ion of the

Su ez Canal Zachary Karabell 12 AID AN HARTLEY Bay of Tigers: A Journ ey through War­

Torn Angola Pedro Rosa Mendes

14 J O HN LAUGHLAND Fri edrich N ietzsche Curtis Cate 15 DESMOND KING Eisenhower: A Soldier's Life Carlo D'Este 17 PHILIP MAN SEL Chopin 's Fun eral Benita Eisler 18 WILLIAM PALMER Stephane Crappelli: With and Without

Django Paul Balmer 19 SHERIDAN M ORLEY K ennet h Tynan: A Life Dominic


23 NORMAN STONE Culag: A Hi sto ry of the Soviet

Concentration Camps Ann e Applebaum

24 JONATHAN MIRSKY The Fall of Hong Kong: Britain,

China and th e Japane se Occupation Philip Snow 26 SIMON HEFFER An Army at Dawn: Th e War in North

Africa, 1942-1943 Rick Atkinson 28 NIKOLA! TOLSTOY Th e Degaev Affair: Terror and Treason in Tsarist Russia Richard Pipes 29 CLAUS VON BULOW Ajax, the Dutch, the War: Football in Europ e During the Second World War Simon Kuper A Con spira cy of D ecency: The R esct.te of the Danish J ews During World War II Emmy E Werner

31 JAME S DELINGPOLE Cannabis: A History Martin Booth 32 CHRISTOPHER ONDAATJE Th e Miraculou s Fever- Tree:

Malaria , M edicine and th e Cure that Changed th e World Fiammetta Ro cco

34 FRANK M c LYNN Are You Talking to Me? A Life through the Movies John Wal sh 35 GrLES FITZHERBERT Th e Tim es of My Life Sir John Gorman


Editor: NANCY SLADEK Deputy Editor: CHARLIE CAMPBELL Editorial A ss istant: ALAN RAFFERTY Contributing Editor: SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE

Business Manager: ROBERT POSNER Advertising Manager: TERRY FLNNEGAN

Founding Editor: DR ANNE SMITH Founding Father: AUBERON W AUGH

Cover illustration by Chris Riddell

Iss ue no. 3 00

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