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THIS MONTH'S PULPIT is written by Paul J ohn son . H e thinks he has w ritten about forty books. His Art: A New History w ill be published in September by W eidenfeld & Ni colson.

lSABEL HI LTON is a writer and broadcaster. H e r most recent book is T11 e Search for the Panche11 Lama (Penguin).

MI CHAEL BURLEIGH's m ost rece nt book, Th e Third Reich : A New Hi sto ry , won t h e Sam u e l J oh nso n Prize for N o n-Fi ction.

FR ANCES SPALD ING is th e a uth o r (with David Fraser J enkins) of J olm Piper in th e 1930s : Abstraction 0 11 th e Beach (M e rre ll ), wh ic h is tim ed to co in cid e with an exhi bition of the sa m e titl e. The ex hibiti on ca n b e see n at the Djanogly Art Gal lery at the University of N o ttin gham from 5 Jul y to 3 1 August.

CAT HER INE PETER S h as wr i t t e n biograp hi es of seve ral nin e t ee nthce ntur y a u thors, in c ludin g Thackeray and Wilki e Collin s.

CHARLES ALLEN's most rece nt book is T11e Buddha and the Sah ibs: T11 e Meu Who Discovered Ind ia 's Last Rel(~ion Oo hn Murray). He has just completed a reap praisa l of th e Younghusband missio n to T ibet, Duel in the Snows.

DONAlD RAYFIELD is the auth or of A nt on Chekh o11: A Life (1997) and Unde rstandi11g C hekh o11 (1999). H e has just completed a study, Stali11 and the Hangmeu.

CHANDAK SENGOOPTA, fo rm e rl y a psychiatrist, lectures on th e history of m e di ci n e at the Uni vers i t y of M an c h este r . H e is the au thor of Im print of the R aj: How Fingerpri11ti 11g was bom in Colonial India (M ac miUan) and is w ritin g a hi story of 'un we lcome foreigners' in modem Britain .








4 MI CHAEL BURLEI GH Mussoli t~ i: A New L ife Ni c hola s

Farr e ll

6 CHARLES ALLEN Empi res of th e Plai n: H enry Rawlinson and th e Lo st Lang uages of Baby/on Les l ey Adkin s 7 ANDR. EW TAYLOR Fit z Roy: The R emarkabl e Story of

Darwin's Capta i n and th e In vention of th e Weather Foreca s t John a nd Mary Grib bin Evo lution 's Captain: T h e Tragic Fate of Robert Fit z Roy, th e Man who Sa il ed C h a rl es Darwin around the World P e ter Ni c h o l s 9 C HANDHAK SEN GOO PT A The A ir L oo m Gang: Th e

Strange and Tru e Story ofJ anus T ill y Matth e ws a t'td Hi s V is ionary Madness Mike J ay 10 C HR.I STOPHER. O NDAATJE The W hit e Hea dh~m te r Ni ge l

R a n d e ll

12 FR.ANCES SPALDING Wh ist le r an d Hi s Moth e r: An

Unexpecte d R e lation s hip Sara h W a ld e n 13 ALEXANDER. W AUG H Brit ten on Mu s ic (Ed) P a ul Kilde a

Bri t ten D av id Matth ews

15 C ATH ER INE PETERS Bulwer Lyt to n: Th e Rise and Fall of a Victorian Man of L ette rs Lesli e Mit c h e ll 16 DoNALD RAYFI EL D F uri ous Vissa ri on: B eUn s k ii 's Strugg le for Li te rature, Lov e and Id eas Ri c h a rd Fr ee born 17 TIM H EALD Th e La s t EngUshman: Th e Life ofJ L Ca rr

Byron Roge r s

19 J ONATHAN K EATES Paradi se of C i tie s : Venice and I t s

N inetee nth-Cen tury Visitors John Juliu s Norwi c h 20 F ER.GUS FLEM ING The I ce St e ph e n J P yne 22 ALAN P ALMER Dubro vni k: A Hi s tory Rob in H a rri s 23 l SABEL HI LTON Surv i vors in M ex i co R e b ecca Wes t

25 CAR.O LI NE M OOR.EHEAD Th e Z anz ibar C h es t : A M enw ir of L ove an d War Aidan Hartle y 26 NI CHOLAS RA NK IN At War With Wa ugh: Th e R ea l Story of Scoop W F Deedes 27 J ONATHAN MI RSKY Lak e with No Name: A Tru e Story of

Lov e and Conflict in Mod ern China Diane W e i Li a ng 28 WILLIAM PALMER I njury Time: A M emoir D J Enright 30 C HRI STOP HER BRAY C louds of Glory: A Ho xton

C hildh ood Bryan M agee


Editor: NANCY SLADEK D ep ut y Editor: C HAR.L IE CAMPBELL Editoria l Assistant: ALAN RAFFERTY Contribu ting Editor: SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE

Business Manager: R OB ERT POSNER Advertisir1g Manager: TERRY FINNEGAN

Foundir1g Editor: D R ANNE SMITH Founding Father: AUBERON WAUGH

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