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THIS MONTH'S PULP IT is written by Allan Massi e . H e is th e author of nineteen novels, the most rec ent of which, Caligu la, is publi sh e d by Sceptre . A Question. of Loyalti es is availab le in Canongate C lassics.

RI CHARD OVER Y is Professo r of Modern History at King's Co ll ege, London. His mo st r ece nt book , Interrogations: Th e Na z i Elite in Allied Hands, 1945, is published by Alien La n e. He is c urrentl y wr i t in g a comparison between the Hitler and Stalin dictatorship.

ANDREW ROBERTS won the WolfSon Prize for History with Ills biography Salisbury: Victorian Titan, and n ex t April is publishing a co ll ec t ion of co unterfactual essays by distinguished hi storian s, entitled What If ' H e himself is writ in g a hi story of th e English-speaking p eoples since 1900.

lSABELLA TREE's biography, Th e Bird Man: Th e Extraordin.ary Story ofJohn Could, was reissued ea rlier this ye ar by E bury Press . Her lat es t book , Sliced Igu ana: Travels in. M ex ico, was published by Penguin last year.

SIMON SEBAG M ONTEFIORE's lates t boo k, Stali11 : TI1 e Conrt of the R ed Tsar, is published by W eidenfeld & Nicolson.

LISA j ARDINE i s Direc tor of th e AHRB Centre for Editing Liv es and Letters, and Professo r of R enaissa nce Studies at Queen M ary , Uni ve rsity of London. H e r most rece nt book, Th e Curious Life of R obert Hooke: Th e Man. Who Mea s ured L ond on., I S

published by H arperCollins.

CHANDAK SENGOOPTA, who g rew up in Calcutta , is Senior Lec turer in Hi s tor y at Birkb ec k Co ll ege, Univ ers i ty of London , and th e auth or of Im prin.t of the Raj: H ow Fingerprinting was Born in Co lonial India (Macmillan) , shortlisted for th e Crim e Write rs' Assoc iation Go ld Dagger for Non-Fiction.









4 RI CHARD OVERY Rising '44: 'The Battl e for Warsaw'

Norman Davies 6 ANDREW ROBERTS Rifles: Six Years with Wellington's

Legendary Sharpshooters Mark Urban 7 DAVID CESARANI Hitler's Scientists John Cornwell The

Devil's Disciples Anthony R ead Until the Final Hour : Hitler's L ast Secretary Traudl Junge 10 SrMON HEFFER A People's History of Britain Rebecca Fraser 11 JUL! ET BARKER Th e Flower of Chivalry Richard Vernier 13 TrM H EALD Th e Bounty Caroline Alexander 14 NIKO LA I TOLSTOY Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages (Ed)

Andre Vauchez, Barrie Dobson and Michael Lapidge

16 MICHAEL BuRLEIGH Reagan: A Life in Letters (Ed) Kiron

K Skinner, Annelise Anderson an d Martin Anderson 17 FRANK M CLYNN Inv enting a Nation: Washington,

A dam s , j efferson Gore Vidal 19 TR!STAN QUINN American Massacre: The Tragedy at Mountain

Meadows, September 11, 1857 Sally Denton Un der t h e Banner of Heaven: A Story of a Viol ent Faith ]on Krakauer 21 DENN!S SEWELL Bill Clinton: An American Journ ey Nige l

Hamilton Madam Secretary Mad e l eine Albright

23 BRENDA MADDOX Strangers: Homosexual Love in the

Nineteenth Century Graham Robb 24 MIRANDA SEYMOUR The Boy Germaine Greer

26 ALEXANDER WAUGH Diana Mosley Anne de Courcy 27 LrsA JARDI NE I saac Newton James Gleick 29 CAROL£ ANGlER Mad Madge: Margaret Cavendish , Duchess of N ewcas tle, Royalist, Writer and Romantic Katie Whitaker 30 WILLIAM PALMER George S eferis Roderick Beaton 32 DAVID PROFUMO Gods, Mongrels and D emons: 101 Brief but E sse ntial Liv es Angus Calder

34 HAZHIR TEIMOURIAN The Wars against Saddam: Taking the Hard Road to Baghdad John Simpson 36 GERALD BUTT Sowing the Wind: The Seeds of Conflict in th e Middle East John Keay Six Days: How the 1967 War Shaped the Middle East J eremy Bowen Israel and Palestine: Why They Fight and Can Th ey Stop? Bernard Wasserstein 37 SIMON SEBAG MONTEF!ORE Th e Oath: A Surgeon under

Fire Kh as san Baiev

Editor: NANCY SLADEK D eputy Editor: CHARLIE CAMPBELL Editorial Assistallt: ALAN R AFFERTY General Assistant: SOPHIE SKARBEK-BOROWSKA Contributing Editor: SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE

Business Manager: ROBERT POSNER Advertising Manager: TERRY FINNEGAN

Founding E ditor: DR ANNE SMITH Founding Father: AUBERON W AUGH

Cover illustration by Chris Riddell

Issue no. 306/ 307

LITERARY REVIEW Dec 2003/ Jan 2004

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