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THIS MONTH'S PULP IT is written by Brenda Maddox. Her most recent book, Rosali11d Frankli11: The Dark Lady of DNA, won the M arsh Biography Prize. She is currently writing a biography of Freud's Welsh wizard, Emestjones .

D IANA ATH ILL is the au thor of Stet and Yesterday Momi11g: A Very English Childhood, both published by Granta.

MICHELE ROB ERTS's latest novel , The Mistressclas s, is published by Littl e, Brown. Her new novel , Aurora itt Italy, will be published next year.

jUSTIN MAil.OZZI has been researching a history of Tamerlane , less known than Genghis Khan but in many ways a much more impressive and multifaceted figure , for several years. Tamerla11e: Sword of [slam , Couqueror of the World wi ll be published by HarperCollins in August.

VALERIE GROVE's Dear Dodie: The Life of Dodie Smith is avai lable in paperback from Pimlico. Her Lauric Lee: The Well-Lor,ed Stra11g er is available in paperback from Penguin.

ANDREW LYCETT's biography, Dyla11 Thomas: A New Lrfe, was published by Weidenfeld & Nico lson in October.

MIRANDA SEYMOUR 's Th e Bugatti Quee11: l11 Search of a Motor-Raci11g Legend was published last month by Simon & Schuster.

LILIAN PIZZI CHINI's Dead Men's Wages won the CWA M aca ll an Gold Dagger Award for Non-fiction and is out this month in paperback from Pi cador.

NIGEL ) ONES wi ll be presenting Patrick Hamilto11: A Portrait in Black on BBC Radio Four on 11 March.









4CAROLĀ£ ANGlER Gaudier-Brzeska: An Abso lute Case of Genius Paul O'Keeffe j ESS ICA MA NN Eleanor Rathbone and the Politics of Conscience Susan Pedersen JU STIN M AROZZI Genghis Khan: Life, D eath and Resurrection John M an DIANA ATHILL Mosaic: Portraits in Fragments Micha e l Holro y d 9 VALERIE GROVE A Profo~tnd Secret: May Gaske l/, her

Daught er Amy, and Edward Burn e-]on es J osce l in e Dimbleby

11 SIMO N HEFFER Castles of Steel: Britain, Germany, and the Witming of the Great War at Sea Robert K M assie 14 MIRANDA SEYMOUR Sentimental M~1rder: Love and

Madness in the Eighteenth Century John Brewer 15 A NDREW LYCETT 1759: The Year of Victories Frank M cLynn 17 OLEG GOR.DIEVSKY Stalin and Hi s Hangmen : An

Authoritative Portrait of a Tyrant and Those Who Served Him Dona ld Rayfi e ld 21 PETER WESTON Th e Next Moon: The R emarkab le Tru e

Story of a British Agent Behind the Lin es in Wartime France Andre Hu e a nd Ewen Southby-Tai l your

LETTERS & MEMOIRS 22 ALLAN M ASSIE Isaiah Berlin : Flourishing, L ette rs 1928-46

(Ed) Henry Hard y

24 MI CHELE RoBERTS The Spiral Staircase: A Mernoir

K are n Armstrong 25 VICTOR SEBE TYEN The Pho en ix Land Mikl6s Banffy 26 ANN BARR Swimming with My Father Tim J eal


27 LILIAN PIZZICH IN I Cosa Nostra: A Hi story of the Sicilian

Mafia J ohn Dickie 28 ANDREW T AYLOR Jab ez : The Rise and Fall of a Victorian

Scoundrel David McKie 29 TIM HE ALD Dick Turpin: The Myth of th e English

Hig hwa yman J ames Sharpe 30 MARK ALMOND Th e Red Millionaire: A Political

Biograp hy of Willi Mi.inzenberg , Moscow's Secret Propaganda Tsar in the West Sean McMe eki n




Editor: NANCY SLADEK Deputy Editor: CHAIUIE CAMPBELL Editorial Assistant: ALAN RAFFERTY Genera l Assistant; SOPH IE SKARBEK-BOROWSKA Contributil'lg Editor: SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE

Business Manager: ROBERT POSNER Advertising Manager: TEI~RY FINNEGAN

Founding Editor: DR ANNE SMITH Founding Father: AUBERON WAUGH

Cover illustration by Chris Riddell

Issue t'lO. 308

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