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THIS MONTH'S PULPIT is written by A C Gray li ng, author of m a n y books , including a bi og raphy of H azlitt , and best-selling coll ec t ion s of essays. H e is just co mpleting his biography of D esca rt es, and wi ll soo n begin work on his major book about th e Alli ed bombing campaign during the Second World War.

R OBERT NYE's 71te Rain a11d the Glass : 99 Poems, New a11d Selected will be published by Cecil Woolfthis autwrm .

M AX EGREMONT, w h o has w ritte n various bio g ra phi es and nov e ls, is working on a full-l e n g th stud y of Siegfried Sasoon.

CAROL£ ANGlER is the author of j ea11 Rhys and, most recentl y, 77~e Do11ble Bond, Prima L.evi: A Biography (Penguin).

RAYMOND CARR has w ritten extensively on Spanish and Latin America n histoty, as well as English fox-hunting.

MI CHAEL BURLEIGH is wr i t in g a two-vo lum e hi story of politics and r e li g ion si n ce th e French Revolution , which will be published by H arp erCollins.

D ONALD RAYFIELD 's Stalin a11d His Ha11gmen: A11 A11 thorit ative Portrait of a Tyra11t a11d Those Wlto Served Him was publi shed in M arch by Vikin g.

GRAHAM STEWArn's The M11rdo ch Years, vo lum e seve n of th e History cif Th e Tim es, w ill be published n ex t year. Hi s s tud y of friend hip and betrayal in political life will follo w it.

H AZH IR T EIMOURIAN is a commentator speciali sing in Middle Eastem history and po liti cs.

AMANDA C RAIG's latest novel, u we i11 Id/mess, is ava il able in paperb ac k from Abacus, £6.99.








4 P AUL J O HNSON An Imp eifect Cod: Ceorge Washington,

Hi s Slav es and the Creat ion of America H e nr y Wien ce k

5 CA ROLE SEYMOUR-jONES Lu cia J oyce : To Dance itt the Wak e

Carol Loeb Shloss 8 jUSTI N MAR OZZ I j osiah th e Great : Th e Tru e Story of the

Man Who Would Be King Ben Macintyre 9 CHANDAK SEN GOO PTA Soul Mad e Fl es h: Th e Discove ry of th e Brain - and H ow it Changed th e World Car! Zimmer 11 RAYMOND CARR juan Car /os: A People's King P a ul


13 ALLAN M ASSIE The Last Valley: Di en Bien Phu and th e

French D efea t in V iet nam Martin Windrow 14 M AX EGREMONT Tommy: Th e British Soldier on the

We stern Front 1914-1918 Richard Holmes 16 NI GEL ] ONES A New England? Peace and War

1886-1918 G R Searle 18 GRAHAM STEWART Th e Guardsmen : H aro ld Ma cmillan ,

Four Friends and th e World Th ey Mad e Simon Ball 20 FRANK M CLYNN Salamis: Th e Greatest aval Battl e of th e Ancient World, 480 BC Barry Straus s

21 CAROLE ANGlER Isherwood: A Life Peter P arker 23 RoBERT NYE The World of Christopher Mar/owe David Riggs 24 DAVID NOKES Ceorge Crabbe: An Eng li sh Life

1754-1832 Neil Powell 25 DoNALD RAYFIELD Th e D eath of a Po et: Th e Last Days of

Marina T sve taeva Irm a Kudrova 26 FRANCIS KING Rupert Hart- Davis: Man of Letters Philip Ziegler

28 MI C HAEL BURLEIGH Colo ss us: Th e Rise and Fall of th e

American Empire Niall Ferguson 30 HAZH IR TEIMOURIAN Th e Iraq War John Keegan in the

Company of Soldiers: A Chronicl e of Combat in Iraq Rick Atkinson 31 R ONALD MUTEBI Trib e: Th e Hidd en Hi s tory of the

Mountain s of th e Moo11 Tom Stacey 32 JON AT HA N MI RSKY Falun Gong: Th e End of Days M ar ia

H s i a C lun g



Editor: NA NCY SLADEK Deputy Editor: ALAN RA FFERTY General Assistants: T OM FLEMI NG


8usi11ess Mat1ager: ROB ERT POSNER Advertising Matwger: TERRY Fl NNEGAN

Founding Editor: DR A NN£ SMITH Fmmding Father: AUBERON WAUGH

Cover illustratiot·t by Chris Ridde/1

Issue no. 310

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