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THIS MONTH'S PULP IT is wri tten by Fran c is King, w ho ha s j ust turned e i g ht y-o n e. He is th e aut h o r of twenry-eight novels, the most rece nt of w hi c h , The Nick of Ti111e, was long-li st ed for last year's Book er Prize and is pub lished by Arcadia.

JOHN DICKlE teach es Itali an Studi es at Universiry College London . His Cosa Nos tm: A History i f the Sicilian Mafia is now o ut in pape rbac k (Coronet).

DIA A ATHILL is the author of Sie l and Yeslerday Momiug: A Very Ett._~lish Childh ood, both published by Granta.

NORMAN STONE is Directo r of the Turki sh Russia n In stitllte, Bilkent Uni vers ity, Ankara.

NI GEL j ONES's T11e War Walk: A j oumey Aloug the Westem Front has just been republished as a Cassell paperback.

CAROLE ANGlER is th e author of) eau Rhys and, most recently, TI1 e Double Baud, Pn"111o Levi: A Biography (Penguin).

D J T AYLOR 's ce nt e n a r y l ife of George Orwell won the 2003 Whitbread Bi ogra ph y Awa rd.

j ONAT HAN KEATES 's Th e Siege of Veu ice w ill be published next year by C hatto & Windus.

PETER WASH INGTON is General Editor of Everyman's Library.

NICK SMITH is Editor of Geographical, t h e m agaz in e of th e R oya l Geograph ical Sociery, and is one of the judges of this year's Thomas Cook Travel Book of th e Year Awa rds.

MICHAEL ARDITTI 's first co ll ect io n of stories, Good Clea 11 Fu11 , was recently published by M a ia , who w ill bring o u t hi s new novel, U11it y, next spri ng .







4 NI GEL ] ONES Europ e's Last Summer: Why the World

Wwt to War ir1 1914 D av id Fromkin Th e O ld Conte 111p tib les : Th e Briti sh Expeditionary Force, 1914 Robin Neillands 1914- 1918: Th e Hi sto ry of th e First World War David Steven so n Forgotte n Lut~atics of th e Great War P e t e r Barham

6 ALLAN M ASS IE Forgotten Armies: The Fall of Briti sh Asia,

1941 - 45 C hri sto pher B ay l y a nd Tim Harper 7 A NDREW R OB ER TS Making Fri ends wi th Hitl er: Lord

L ondo11derry, the Nazis and th e R oa d to War ! an Kershaw 9 IMON HEFFER The Command ~f th e Oceatt: A Naval History of

Britain, 1649- 1815 N A M Rodger 11 C HRI STOPHER LEE Th e R ea l Cruel Sea: The M erchant

Navy in t he Batt le of th e Atlantic, 1939-1943 Richard W oodma n 12 FRANK M CLYNN Zulu: Th e H eroi sm and Trage dy of the

Z ul1-1 Wa r of 18 79 Saul D av id

14 PE TER W AS HIN GTON Wod ehou se: A Life

Rob e rt M cC rum 16 WI LLIAM PALMER Barges Edwin Williamso n 19 D AV ID j AYS The D ev il Ki ssed H er : Th e Story of Mary

L amb K a th y Watson 20 J ESSICA M ANN Living with a Writer (Ed) Dale Salwak

21 j ONATHAN K EATES Prin cesses: Th e Six Daug ht ers of

George I l l Flora Fra se r 23 CHARLE AL LEN Maharanis: The Li ves and Times of Three

Generatio11s of Indi a11 Prin cesses Lu cy Moore 24 SAR.AH B RADFOR.D Fortune 's Daughters: Th e Extravagant

Li ves of th e J ero me Sisters- J et11'1ie C hurchill , Clara Frewen and L eo nie L es li e E li sa b et h Keh oe

26 N ORMAN STONE Salonica, City of Gho sts : Christians,

Mu s lim s and J ews Mark Ma zower 28 J OHN DI CKIE Berlu sco ni's Shadow: Crime, Ju st ice and th e

Pursuit of Power D av id Lane 29 MI CHAEL j ACOBS Cuba: A New Hi sto ry Ri c h ard Gott 30 AID AN H ARTLEY Scribbli 11g th e Cat: Travels with an African

So ldier AJexa ndra Fulle r

LITERARY REVIEW September 2004

Editor: NA NCY SLADEK DepHty Editor: ALAN RAFFERTY Genera l Assistant: T OM FLEM ING Contributing Editor: SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEAR£


Founding Editor: DR AN NE SMITH Formding Fath er: AUB ERON WAUGH

Cover ill11 slratioll by Chris Ridde/1

Iss ue 11 0. 314

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